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“[Google Plus] is central to Google’s future — a lens that allows the company to peer more broadly into people’s digital life, and to gather an ever-richer trove of the personal information that advertisers covet.”
The Social Networking Platform Google Built and Why It Shouldn’t Be Ignored When it first launched in 2011, Google Plus was aiming to take over the social networking space dominated by Facebook…
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Well yes.
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Forget SEO. Instead you should be focused on serving your visitors, ie Visitor Optimization. Here are the five things you SHOULD focus on in 2015 to increase your blog / website traffic and make good money online...
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All of these are good reasons, there were several "aha" moments for me... Are you commenting on other blogs for back links or for targeted traffic? Thanks +Adrian Jock 
One of the blog commenting goals is the traffic generation. Discover the top nine reasons why some blog comments generate very few clicks or no clicks at all.
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+Adrian Jock Oh yeah! Been there done that... Pet peeve of mine too. :)
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Breaking a Classic Rule of Effective Advertising - "Any marketing expert will tell you that the first rule of effective advertising is to get attention. But marketing experts also know that the second rule of effective advertising is never to let the vehicle overpower the message." -- Would you give this ad a pass or fail?
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I was a little intimidated and confused when I first started out with MailChimp, so I decided to write a little walkthrough to help bloggers like myself get through that initial step of changing from Feedburner emails to MailChimp. 
In my last post, I talked about making the switch from Feedburner to MailChimp. I was pretty intimidated by everything that MailChimp had to offer, but discovered that once I got started, it was pretty easy to setup. This pos...
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What are you attracting into your life? 17 great principles/habits to become aware of and to practice in order to attract into your life only those things you want. Great article +Dane Findley 
your mind. is a magnet.
Our health improves when we eliminate negative self-talk and think more positive thoughts. Here's how to upgrade the soundtrack of your own mind.
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It is Dane, and thanks for everything you do.
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When bus advertising campaigns are infused with great creative, brands and their messages become memorable and hope not to cause a traffic incident. ;)
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+Pierre Provost Hi Pierre! I don't even eat sweets but that is tempting for sure! Great ad ideas.
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The key to success is to start before you are can't succeed if you don't first start!
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+Briarwood RE You are welcome. My pleasure. It's not the weekend yet, but I'm ready to start! :)
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5 Key marketing techniques to get your clients hooked on your newsletters
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I gotta try some of this stuff out!
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Paper has a great future...
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Going up on the wall next to my desk for sure...
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This is really cool! I love this checklist, and it's super-easy to print.
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STR Printing - Sales & Service
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    Sales & Service, present
Basic Information
STR Printing Services (Formerly Fox Printing Canada) - Commercial Printing & Design Services. Website Creations Complete With Sales Funnels Increasing Visitor Response, Lead Generation, & Revenue.

STR Printing Services

Custom Printing. If you can imagine it, our graphic designers can create your perfect artwork. If you need our graphic artists to create a whole layout for you, they can do that too! We have a number of creative, experienced people working just for you.

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Call STR Printing for your Commercial Printing & Graphic Art Design, or for well designed websites complete with sales funnels that increase Visitor Response, Lead Generation, & Company Revenues.

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