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Al Navas

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Child Theme: Executive Pro

Problem: No indication on the main menu that sub-pages exist

Under the Training menu item I have placed four (4) pages. However, the menu item does not suggest that other pages are linked under it. What code should I add to style.css, to let the reader know that other pages are linked there?

I appreciate all suggestions. Thanks!
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+Sridhar Katakam - I looked at your excellent article on this very issue at

However, it does not appear to apply to the Executive Pro Theme. I will follow your suggestions about applying this to my Theme, at

Thank you!
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Al Navas

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Hangouts - Problems downloading the plugin on Mac OS.

A colleague who uses Mac OS tried to download the plugin today. He uses Safari.

Edit to add: I looked up this on the Help page:

The Help page states that Safari supports the plugin.

The Problem: He was warned that the plugin would NOT work on Safari, and that he MUST download Chrome. He does NOT wish to download Chrome, yet he is totally unable to download the plugin!

1. Is this right???

2. If it is, since when?

3. He will likely never come onto Google+, nor use hangouts OR Helpouts, unless this is fixed.

As I am not a Mac OS user, I am totally speechless at this problem, and I look for a reply that makes sense. Denying the plugin download on Mac OS does NOT make sense, if the man wishes to use Safari!

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Peggy K
Hi +Al Navas Your question would probably be better answered in the official Hangouts help forum:!forum/hangouts
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Are you a blogger? Or are you writing your first novel, biography, or trilogy? This article has great advice from a master, for all writers. 

H/t to +Sue Horner 
I particularly like his emphasis on the value of a good opening sentence, and how it doesn't usually come in the first draft.  #Writing
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+Candis Marko - I did too, Candis! Maybe I am getting close to the end?...  ;)
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*Update 2: Nexus 4 battery life after reinstalling the Google+ app and tweaking settings:

What I did, to allow me to have 1 day plus 6 hours, with 60% charge left (!!!) (the secong image shows the HUGE discharge curve, with the Google+ app's settings to allow auto-backup, etc):

1. Completely turned off any kind of auto-back of photos, etc.
2. Left Google Now ON (because I get updates on Google Glass).
3. Opted out of interest-based ads
4. Left alone the Android Device Manager, to allow me to remotely locate the device, and also allow remote lock and erase.

That's it! Now I get quite decent battery charge life. 

The secret IS in the Settings for the Google+ app!
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I'll give it a try.
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Al Navas

Nexus 4  - 
I appreciate any and all input.

My Nexus 4, running plain vanilla  KitKat 4.4.2:

1. Battery discharge (huge slope!) at a great rate, before I uninstalled the Google+ app.

2. Almost flat after unistalling the Google+ app. What???

Has anyone had a similar problem? IS Google+ the bad app here?

I welcome your comments. Thanks!
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I have auto sync disabled (globally) and I get 4+ hours screen on time 
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Al Navas

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+Larry Page talks about the future, and how he would love to make it happen. WOW!
"We are not done." - Larry Page
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Al Navas

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Do NOT try to argue with him - you WILL lose the argument ;)

The little tyke argues about cupcakes...about everything!
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My Mim would have kicked my butt
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Al Navas

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The USS Pennsylvania. Where is the technology headed?
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Hey Al - still looking to chat with you about G+ stuff.  Please e-mail my kmbc account if you could, 
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Al Navas

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A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami:

Manu Prakash has developed what may be the game-changer in health care in developing countries. Remarkable what a 50-cent, fully-functional microscope can do!

From TEDTalks. 
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This grownup man is in tears. Mr Prakash, you are a miracle man. Thank you!
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Puzzled. I was getting lousy battery charge life after the update of the Google+ app. I mean, only about 5 to 6 hours!

I removed the Google+ app this morning, and the battery life seems to be projecting much better charge life!

Any thoughts about the Google+ app running on KitKat?

Edit to add: Running plain vanilla KitKat 4.4.2
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i use greenify to keep g+ asleep, try it 
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MaximumPlus Workshops for GooglePlus Success
About me:
I am co-founder of Maximum Plus Workshops for GooglePlus Success. Google+ evangelist. I also focus on the future: the developing trends on GooglePlus, technology, and Google Glass.
  • Coaching agencies and associations on maximizing GooglePlus.

  • As a GooglePlus Helpouts Coach, Al helps others in building web sites and creating instructional videos. He also helps new Google Glass Explorers learn the basics and advanced features of Glass.

    His Google+ expertise is well known in major Interpreter and Translator associations, and he has presented at Symposia and conferences.

    Accolades: GooglePlus Helpouts Coach (Sept. 2013). Endless Possibilities Talks for Interpreters and Translators initiative in Google+ Hangouts on Air (Feb.- Aug. 2012). Early Beta user and tester of GooglePlus Hangouts on Air (Dec. 2011). Publisher at The Judiciary Interpreter blog. Freelance Interpreter for law enforcement and civic organizations (English-Spanish). Woodworker, publisher of the blog and Owner of the Sandal Woods – Fine Woodworking shop, and developer of special procedures to produce high-quality joinery (2007-present).

Bragging rights
CTO MaximumPlus Workshops for GooglePlus Success ● Social Media Strategy ● Google Helpouts Coach (Sept. 2013) ● Google Glass Explorer ● Creator/Team member of the Endless Possibilities Talks initiative on Google+ ● Developed a procedure to make wooden hinges using a finger joint template on a dovetail jig
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Country Club, Missouri, USA
The Woodlands,TX - Dhahran, Saudi Arabia - Fairport, NY - Centereach, Long Island, NY - Riverside, CA - Bogotá, Colombia
Google+ coach for associations and agencies ● Google #GlassExplorer ● Google Helpouts Provider ● Freelance Legal Interpreter, English < > Spanish ● Freelance Interpreter (English-Spanish)
Google+ coach for associations and agencies. I am a Google Helpouts Provider: I teach how to create web sites using StudioPress Premium templates. I also teach how to use Camtasia Studio for video editing and screen capture. And from own woodworking business and hobby, I teach how to use Leigh jigs to create beautiful woodworking joinery. Freelance Interpreter (English-Spanish)
  • CTO, MaximumPlus Workshops for GooglePlus Success
    CTO, 2014 - present
    Chief Technology Officer, MaximumPlus Workshops for GooglePlus Success, Greater Kansas City Area, Marketing and Advertising
  • #GlassExplorer
    A Google Program, 2013 - present
  • Helpouts by Al Navas
    Provider, 2013 - present
  • Interpreter, EN < > Spanish
    Freelance, 2005 - 2013
  • Mobil Exploration & Producing North America Inc
    Corrosion Specialist, 1977 - 1999
    Analyze fluid flow studies to determine most likely areas of internal corrosion in oil and gas pipelines. Coordinated work in laboratories in North America and Europe to model fluid flow in pipelines. Worked in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Middle East. Mentor junior engineers.
  • Saudi Aramco
    Corrosion Specialist, 1999 - 2004
    Analyze fluid flow studies to determine most likely areas of internal corrosion in oil and gas pipelines. Coordinated work in laboratories in North America and Europe to model fluid flow in pipelines. Worked in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Middle East. Mentor junior engineers.
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