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Anybody got Helium working on Nexus 5X? It keeps asking me to put in to PTP mode, but crashes settings. If I make that change myself it still asks for PTP.

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We’re exploring bringing Fiber to San Diego. This means working with city leaders to understand local requirements and challenges – from roads and infrastructure to permits and utility paths. 

It will take time to make sure we can build this network. And we’d love to keep you updated on our progress. Check your address to be among the first to know when we have more to share:
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A follow up my last post on figuring out Google+ Photo storage:

I used Takeout to download an archive of my Google+ Photos. For some reason the download always failed at the very end but this represents > 99% of my data. Using 7-zip, Duplicate Files Finder, windows advanced search syntax, and a bunch of sed and grep I found that:

The archive contains 240 GB of data, about 100 GB more than is reported in the storage report.

I have about 60 GB of short (<15 minute movies) which shouldn't be included.

I have 34 GB of duplicate images (26 GB duplicate videos already discounted as they are short).

I have about 3GB of "Small" images (less than or equal to 2048 pixels on both edges) - also free to store.

That works out to 143 GB of full-size, non-free data - exactly what is reported by the storage report!

So, I guess I could have saved myself a lot of bother by trusting Google and just forking out for more storage, but it still really should be easier to get this information from Google+ or Drive directly... 

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According to, I am using 143 GB of my 200 GB plan on Google+ Photos. I have 60,000 photos and hundreds of videos from the last 15 years (some via Picasa).

How am I supposed to manage that data? I can't search or sort by size of photos or duration of videos to find out which ones count. I can't see them in Drive to see the file quota size either. I can't remove duplicates, or in fact anything without manually selecting and deleting it, and to cap it all if I do manage to delete a file it supposedly takes one month to have an impact on the reported storage space.

Or is the plan that I just give up trying to manage it and upgrade my storage plan...?

Hi +Koushik Dutta,  what's the latest on Helium for Android L? Does it work with the new default device encryption? The Factory image for N5 will be dropping soon and they'll be a flurry of activity... I'll be going from LPX13D (unencrypted) to stock (encrypted). Is there any chance that will work?

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Come +Andy Murray! We know you've got this. Stop messing around.
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