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Al Kordesch
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Semiconductor physics, computer modeling, solid state physics
  • Altera
    Semiconductor Modeling, 2012 - present
  • Silterra Malaysia Sdn Bhd
    Manager, Design Tech, 2001 - 2009
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Penang, Malaysia
Santa Cruz, California USA - Lakewood, Ohio - Vienna, Austria
Pack your trash.
Life is short.  You know what to do. 

Bragging rights
Taught physics in Malaysia (in Malay). Refused to fight the "commies" in Vietnam. War is insane! Uncircumcised. (Why would you cut off the most sensitive part of your penis?) Ex-Catholic (no explanation needed).
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
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Al Kordesch

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Prague in May
I spent today exploring the old city.  Wonderful surprises! Food, bubbles, crystals, grafiti, lovers, churches, and interesting toilets!
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Al Kordesch

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Monday in St Stefan, Austria. 
Horses, cows, wine, and alderberry (Hollunder) pancakes!
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Hi +Milly Yeap Hope you are doing ok!  We are really enjoying our travels!
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Al Kordesch

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Vienna is full of surprises!
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Thanks +amy maria morni Yup. No more jobs!  I'm free as a bird!
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Al Kordesch

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Free rental bikes!  I'm going to try biking if it doesnt' rain.
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Al Kordesch

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I Love It!
Paul Stewart originally shared to The Sun:
Today's Ha Sun
Lunt LS80Tha/B18/DSII and Grasshopper 3 camera
#sun   #sunspots   #astrophotography  
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Snakes on the Sun!
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Al Kordesch

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I really like this automaton! It's like a jellyfish.
Yonatan Zunger originally shared to Today I Learned::
Math question which is probably obvious to someone out there:

Does every cellular automaton exhibit periodic solutions? (i.e., for any cellular automaton, does there exist at least one configuration A and positive integer p such that for any natural number n, A(np) = A(0)?) Failing that, does every cellular automaton at least have "spaceships?" (i.e., configurations periodic up to translation)

(This is really "today I haven't yet learned," because while I feel like I should know the answer off the top of my head, I really don't)
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Al Kordesch

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Field Marshal Radetsky monitoring the traffic in Vienna, Austria
All day, all night, rain or shine.
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Al Kordesch

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Pentecost Sunday in St. Stefan, Austria
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Al Kordesch

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Austria is going crazy with Eurovision Song Contest!
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Al Kordesch

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Vienna in May is just Fabulous!
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Al Kordesch

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Last Day in Kuala Lumpur.  Morning walk, Roti canai breakfast, Shopping at Central Market, off to the airport!
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great pictures....
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Al Kordesch

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Leaving Penang.  Great memories!
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Al.. We are going to miss you. Do update us on your US number and we will add you in the group
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