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Constantine, the TV series.

Liking this a lot so far. Thanks to Amazon UK Video for giving us the episodes the day after they air in the US.

It's taking a while for the show to find it's feet though. Not surprising, half of the first season of Buffy was pretty ropey too, and that turned out ok :) If I had criticism of it, it would be:

Holy Sidekicks Batman!

The problem with Constantine so far is: sidekicks. They spent the pilot introducing Liv, then part 2 and 3 introducing Zed... but this (and the comics) are John's story! It isn't the X-Files, it doesn't need Muldertine and Scullzed. I understand why they do it, both Liv and Zed are exposition characters, who can explain what's going on to us lesser mortals. But really... it would have been better with a Blade Runner type detective-noir narration telling us the story, as that is what the comic has.

The first three episodes should have been just John, with occasional Chas-ness, wandering around and doing his thing. Let us get into the head of his character before you started introducing others. It really wasn't until Episode 4, when it was mainly John and Gary, that you got some proper JC-time. Keep Zed until like episode 8 when you can run her proper Resurrection Crusade story arc, less of the buddy-buddy nonsense.

Saying that, Episode 4 was pretty damn good, so if you've been wavering about this show, treat Episode 4 as Episode 1 and carry on from here. If they can keep up and build on the standard from Ep4, the show will go from strength to strength. And Matt Ryan is perfect as olde JC.

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OK, so I can't access Twitter at all in latest Dev Chrome, all I get is a blank page and:



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Nadolig Llawen! Nadelik Lowen! Nedeleg laouen! Nollaig Chridheil! Nollaig Shona Daoibh! Nollick Ghennal! Happy Christmas!

Felix Dies Natalis Sol Invictus omnibus vobis!

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