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Is anyone else having problems with regular GChat today?

#gchatbroken   #googlestopbreakingthings  

Update: Yup, few services are having hiccups today.

Official dashboard for services here:

Thanks +Bobbi Jo Woods 
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+Micah Boswell Excellent, thanks for the 411. It just started to flicker on and off right after this post. 
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* It takes a lot for me to ignore color, but... *

Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro usually give me fun tweak-ability where I'll want to make monochromatic images.

This one was shot in the Outer Banks somewhere last year, and I used it to give Silver Efex a proper run through of all of its bells and whistles. I don't typically use presets that come with any software, it's more fun to just go to town and make your own look and feel. This image is one of many cool monochromatic results from my run throughs of NikSofware. 

What have you shot/edited with Nik lately? Drop a link below!


#nikon    #nikcollectionbygoogle   #niksilverefexpro   #nikcoverphoto   #lightroom  
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Al Ebnereza

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Evening tea time

This is mostly for my Tea brother Jordan Oram, who somehow magically always happens to be drinking tea the same exact times as me, even though we're currently on opposite coasts of North America :)

This is also the first time I'm posting from a mobile browser, instead of the G+ client.

Happy Tea time folks! And stay warm if you're in the east coast winter storm.
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Ok, +Al Ebnereza. Cousins twice removed. 
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Al Ebnereza

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*Have you ever wanted an awesome drawn portrait of yourself?*

Many of you around the G+ universe are already familiar with the awesome and super talented +Cliff Roth. You've likely bared witness to his mad skills behind a Wacom Tablet and Photoshop. He can whip up a totally bad ass likeness of you, while hanging out and chatting with you and others at the same time.

He's an Art Ninja. You wouldn't even know that in 5-10 minutes he's already well on his way to shading your skin tones and plucking IN your eyebrows. :)

Well, if you've ever wanted to adorn your Digital or Real wall(s) with an awesomely drawn likeness of yourself, This is your chance!

Cliff has put up an art Campaign on Indiegogo for all interested parties. While you chip in and help him keep up with the bills and duties of adult life, he'll be working hard pushing your pixels around, cooking up your digital avatar. It will without a doubt be a piece you'll show off to your friends and family.  Many people even use their Cliff-traits as their online icons.

He has a rather thorough slew of services available on the Indiegogo page that he can provide for you, or your business's artistic needs. There are services from $10 and up. The man is a workhorse like you've never seen! 


Go here:

To see a collection of his amazing work and ninja skills, go here:

If you don't know who he is yet, click on the link above this line and checkout just a sample of the G+ people he has drawn this year :)
If you've been drawn by Cliff before, please feel free to chime in here and vouch for his awesome skills!
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+Cliff Roth Anytime brother!
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Al Ebnereza

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*Aspiring Photographers and Professionals*

Our [F]ramed show "The Concept", brought to you by +Sigma Corporation of America and +White House Custom Colour (WHCC), starring +Brooke Shaden and +Lindsay Adler has launched today!

Do you want to see how two photographers from different backgrounds approach the same concept for a shoot? Then come on over, sit back and watch how it's all done from a single concept Keyword to full execution! You will see how Brooke and Lindsay break down the ideas in their mind and go about shooting their subjects, each in their own unique styles. 

Episode One :: Entrapment

The first episode will entail shooting around the word "Entrapment". 
What does the word mean to each of you? How would you envision and shoot this word? 

The Framed Network crew, the assistant producers and I had an absolute blast shooting this show. You'll even see Myself, +Bill Persons, +Ashley Dawn Petersen, +Patricia Gomes, +Gabriel al-Rifai and +Bonnie Al-Rifai shooting and assisting while we're at it :)
We're pretty sure you will enjoy watching this. 

There are even more goodies available on the site, such as extended material, more behind the scenes and available downloads of content. 

And of course, more episodes will roll out, one after another after another after.... you get the idea :)
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Actually...there was a little trespassing. But well worth it. 
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Are you an extreme Lightroom-er?

The wonders of RAW files, and the rendering latitude provided by the  Adobe Lightroom (Adobe Camera Raw - same thing, different interface) engine never cease to amaze me! 

If your camera can shoot higher than 12-bit RAW [common pro/semi-pro DSLRs these days can do 14-bit easily], you sometimes don't even need to bracket your shots to produce an HDR-ish shot. You'd be amazed at how much you can massage dark pixels in a shot that's metered 2 stops below (-2EV) in a modern RAW engine like Lightroom's. 

Here's an example from one of my extreme lightrooming shots. 

This one goes to my boy +Moritz Tolxdorff :) He knows why. 

Und vielen dank Ritzy ;)

#Adobe   #lightroom   #cameraraw  
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Al Ebnereza

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MFW Google post formatting doesn't work ;P
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And I like how they refer to themselves as Youtube Monkeys, in the error page ;P
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Al Ebnereza

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What a pleasant surprise while 30,000 feet up in the air!

So last week I was flying to california, when after I activated the flight's satellite internet on my phone, I saw that one of my most favorite photographers +Tim Wallace has circled me back. 

Now, while getting circled back is always a nice and pleasant thing, I have to be honest that I rarely get as giddy as I did when I saw Tim's internet-equivalent of a nod back to me :)

Do you shoot cars, automobiles, vehicles, man made objects?

If you haven't heard of, or seen +Tim Wallace's work, you have some serious catching up to do. Tim's been inspiring me for years now and is one of the few car photographers out there that I look up to very much.

Those of you who know me well, know that I don't really post much on G+, but now that I'm back in town, I'd like to give a nod and a "hiya" back to you Tim.

Here's a quick selection of some of my work from a couple of years ago.
These shots were all taken on a very English weather, gray and dull sky day at a local race track (Summit Point, WV), where +Aston Martin holds events yearly. Minus the composite shot, everything was edited in Lightroom only, as a challenge, and given a bit of life/oooomph to. 
+Tim Wallace Let's shoot together one day mate! I'm certainly looking forward to it.  

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Al Ebnereza

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*Shoot the Moon with In-Camera Multiple Exposure*

I shot this about 6 years ago, with my old Nikon D200, using the Multiple Exposure mode of the camera. Most modern DSLR/Mirrorless cameras these days should pretty much all have multiple-exposure mode.

The reasons why:

1. Because the Moon was actually behind me when I was facing the monument.
2. Because you can't expose the scene and the moon with the same exposure. The moon is basically a reflection of the sun, and on it's own is a FAIRLY bright source of light. Full moons typically go around 1/80th-1/200th of a second at around f/5.6, assuming a base ISO of 200.
3. If you want to take in a wide-ish shot, the moon will just be a non-imposing and non-interesting bright circle. You have to zoooooooom out to reach the moon and make it substantial enough in your shot, and to also show the cool geology of the moon surface.  
4. I did not want to Photoshop anything. This is straight off of camera

Activate Multi-exposure mode

So, on a tripod, I faced the moon, zoomed all the way out to 200mm, spot metered the moon, stuck it in the corner of the frame and clicked.

Then I turned around, centered myself onto the scene in front of me, zoomed out to 80mm (can you tell what lens I had on?), changed to Matrix metering (I also do these in manual mode, but not for this image) and fired off a shot.

The camera then starts to work for a few seconds while it merges and auto-gains (if necessary) the final shot, giving me a Puuuurty picture of a Moonlit monument.  

+Michael O'Reilly This one's for you my friend :) 
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A Quickie DC Photowalk

Got to hang with the fellas and gal this past weekend when ol' +Scott Jarvie swung by the DC area, while on his year long tour of the US shooting his LDS Temples Book project. Spent a few short and sweet hours with +Christa Laser , +roma g and other fellow photogs from the area.

Here are a couple of my shots. For once, I actually took pictures this time :)

I've been shooting with the lovely little Fuji X-E1, as part of my foray into the Mirroless world. This camera's really growing on me fast, even though it's fairly finicky and odd as most Fujis are.
It actually makes me want to shoot! Which is more than I can say, sometimes, about all my other 10+ cameras.

I'm actually looking forward to upgrading my Fuji line to the X-E2 shortly.

For this shoot, I decided to shoot RAW+JPG, instead of just RAW. For my style, I find JPGs intriguing when it comes to color hunting. The camera also produces beautiful JPGs out of camera anyways. 

Anyways! Good times!

Go out and shoot your familiar neighborhood!

#washingtondc   #Photowalk   #fujixe1  
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