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Albert Billings (Tesshin)

Build Logs/Issues  - 
Got my 20 tooth pulley upgrades and adjustable idler upgrades in. Recompiled firmware for new steps and am doing first print with them.
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+Al Billings Thanks for the vote of confidence in my upgrades - appreciated! You take a great photo - the red light adds  a nice touch - would you like to become my advertising manager? ;-)
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Albert Billings (Tesshin)

Build Logs/Issues  - 
For people replacing the default board with a SainSmart 2-in-1 3D Printer Mainboard, how are you mounting it to the frame of the printer? +Peter Stoneham, I'm thinking of doing that, along with building your v2 extruder kit now that I have it.
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I just uploaded the wiki with my notes and pictures:
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I assume we all saw the news that Invent-a-part has just sold all things Rigidbot to Rigidbot, LLC, owned by a single investor, and IAP is out of the Rigidbot business now.
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Still waiting for my RigidBot, but FedEx option is way too expensive. +Andrew RigidBot  I hope for USPS - this should be a fair option for Germany as well...
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For people using Hatchbox PLA, what temperatures are you using with it?
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Dan J
195 has been working great with a glass bed with hairspray  set to 50C.  Room temp varies 
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Do people have preferred brands of PLA from the stock available through Amazon?
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+1 Hatchbox  It just works!
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I'm having a hell of a time with layer adhesion using the PET+ that I've been successfully using before.

I suspect it is a leveling / z height issue but I wanted to ask what others think. I've had several prints like the following that I had to abort.

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PETG is my filament of choice. I have had no real issue with it at all except when I had my old RB extruder...
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Albert Billings (Tesshin)

Build Logs/Issues  - 
+Peter Stoneham For your v2 upgrade, I note that you say:
"If you haven't already you will need to upgrade to 16 or 20 tooth pulleys for both X and Y axis to use the Dual Mount."

Are there instructions on this somewhere and why?

Also, is there a good photoset or more drawings of installation of the v2 mount? Before I take apart my working (using the term loosely as the stock hot end blows) printer, I want to fully understand my work to be done and order of operations to do it.
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+Peter Stoneham +Al Billings 
 The V2 mount uses the old belt clamp.  If you want to be able to reuse the stock mount with the upgraded pulley and idler, it needs an offset clamp.
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I updated my firmware to RBCE 1.02 (from ) last night and then swapped the extruder settings in config.h to work around a burned out stepper driver.

One thing that I've noticed with RBCE 1.02 is that while it detects when I plug in a USB flash drive, when I try to go to it to print, it says one isn't present. I've seen others have mentioned this problem with RBCE and default Marlin in the past. Does anyone have an easy fix?
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Oh ok now I understand. The site cant have anything RigidBot anymore so I'll have to see about making a downloads page for 
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Hmm. Guess it is time to rebuild. Went to print today (and my printer has been working fine for over a year) and the extruder motor would kind of bob back and forth rather than spinning. Can't jog it reliably in either direction.

Swapped out it's connection for the one for my x axis to trouble shoot. If x axis motor has extruder connection, it moves back and forth fine. If extruder motor is plugged into x axis, it still does the bobbing back and forth. So, either a bad 4 wire connection to the motor or, more likely I think, the motor got damaged.

Anyone got any good links for plug and play nema 17 motors of the same specs from ebay or amazon or ?? I need to get another one anyway as I have +Peter Stoneham 's v2 dual mk8 extruder build to do so I was going to have to rip off all of this crap for the extruder anyway.

Also, what is the best easy replacement control board people are using these days? I might rip that out if I'm stripping this whole thing down anyway.
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Glen, thanks. I'll take a look at that.
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Can anyone recommend a translucent PLA that doesn't suck or have severe issues?
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I've had good luck with the transparent hatchbox... it comes out translucent
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I'm curious if I'm the only one that has a bump in the middle of his build plate from the set screw (?) used to screw it down. It's like "Gee, thanks for putting this .1 mm bump in the middle of my build platform."
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+Michael Forte​, that's what I meant by the first option. The mat adds a small amount of mass but also add insulation to the bottom. Fortunately it's a Nema 23 ... I think it should be able to handle it.
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It looks like most of my problems in my earlier post are crap filament. This is pla on the same printer with extrusion flow set to 110%.
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On something big and flat like that it has more of a tenancy to curl. I try to keep my bed hot.
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