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Akshay Rao
Live happy, not as others expect you to.
Live happy, not as others expect you to.

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Reposting to update

(original post:

Proximity is now working, but motion-sensing isn't working (doesn't turn on when i pick it up). Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Also, just to clarify: I've cleared cache, data, and even uninstalled+reinstalled it; no changes except with the proximity sensor suddenly working.

Hey, Active Mode doesn't seem to be working on my moto x. I've disabled moto display and everything, but it just doesn't turn on by either of the available methods (neither motion nor proximity sensor).

Is this a known problem, or if not does anybody know what might be wrong?

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Hey everyone! If you could complete a copy of this survey, that'd be absolutely fantastic. 

If you find it in you to do it multiple times (for friends/family) I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. <3

Would love an #inboxinvite! :)

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Is the score something you guys got somebody to make, or is it taken/based-off one of the Dark Knight Trilogy scores? It sounds so much like them, I love it!

Fantastic job!

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