Thinking of leaving fauxbook, well this is all you have to do to have a chance of completely leaving.
Man it's like a fucking cult! They make you think you can leave, but make it hard as hell
Do you think you've left Facebook?  You may wish to think again.  Here's a post I did originally on Google Buzz with a couple of VERY important links you may not be aware of.  Reprinted in it's entirety below.

NOTE:  Step 1, may or may not work since I don't know if FB has blocked this tool but it's worth a try if you wish to do it:

Your FACEBOOK EXODUS - I've read a LOT here and everywhere of people leaving Facebook. But have they really left? Have YOU? Probably not and you don't even know it. So if you are considering leaving Facebook or Deactivating, if it's within the 14 days of having already deleted your Facebook account, or if you just chose to deactivate, you should consider the following information. Here is a list of recommendations IF you are considering leaving, either by Deactivating or by Deletion. This information has been accumulated from many trusted links and sources about leaving Facebook. (Subject to change). 

1. Remove EVERYTHING first if you can. YES, it's a PAIN, and it's a shame that you need to do this. Continue reading to find out why. And this tool MIGHT help: 

NOTE: This removes the information from your account. This does NOT remove it from Facebook's database, NOR their intended use for your left behind content. More on that in a moment. 

There's many reasons for removing EVERYTHING, but a couple of the important ones is that Facebook will KEEP your information accessible in some form, to other users, however they will attribute it to an anonymous user. Do you really want anything you have posted to be accessible at ALL, even as anonymous? And how anonymous would some of that really be? After all, you won't remember everything you've done or said at Facebook

Connected sites to your account, after leaving Facebook WILL cause you to LOG BACK IN to your Facebook without your knowledge if you happen to stumble upon or intentionally visit a site associated with those linked or connected sites. This means that you may have reactivate a deactivated account OR, if it's within the 14 day time frame (which I am suspect of), reactivate a DELETED account. All without you even realizing that your account is up and running without your knowledge or intervention. Remove ALL connections to Facebook! 

After you leave Facebook, if there's any content still associated with your account, thus still accessible, Facebook users can possibly still attempt to add you as a Friend at Facebook. You may wish to take the time, after garnering the info from the contacts that matter, to UNFRIEND everyone. 

Again, Remove everything everywhere first. 

2. If you have deleted your Facebook account, here's the form to submit to Facebook, after the 14 days to have your data removed completely from Facebook 

NOTICE THIS on that link: If you’re not a Facebook user we will delete your email address from our database at your request. However, since we must retain a copy of your email address in order to know not to send emails to it, we cannot guarantee that you will not receive Facebook emails on behalf of your friends and contacts who use the site. 

REMOVE your email address by changing it to a throw away or temporary address, BEFORE you leave if you wish for Facebook to NOT have that information. 

NOTE: If you are using the FACEBOOK toolbar, even if you have it hidden, it can log you in without your knowledge, reactivating your account. Make sure you uninstall it. Note - I don't know if this is still a Facebook feature.

Remember, the information that Facebook has already made public during all of this, may already be showing in search engine results and cached pages (which is why I got out early). It will take some time for that information to disappear, if it actually does. 

If anyone has any more information to add here, or has any updated information, just let me know and I'll make any corrections. Please include your source links.

What you do is your decision. I just feel that when you make a decision, you should have the information to make sure you accomplish what you want to do, and Facebook does not make that information easily known.
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