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Yoga teacher training and vacation on sustainable farm in the foothills of Himalayas
Yoga teacher training and vacation on sustainable farm in the foothills of Himalayas

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There are various benefits of every #asana in #yoga. You will be surprised after know how the Yoga can be one single Solution to all your health problems and can help you to find life goals.

Check out this new Benefits of Asana to find out more. #HealthyYoga #Stressbuster #YogaTeacherTraining 

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Have you ever thought Why Yoga is always and answer to lead a healthy life. Why we need this so old technique🛠️⚗️
#yoga #healthyyoga #whyyoga #HathaYoga

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Learning yoga in India is a unique opportunity to understand the nuances of yoga to bring out the magnificence of life.
The principles of yoga are deeply rooted in Indian culture which governs the life towards creating harmony, balance, peace and nourishment in one’s own surroundings.

#Aksharayogaschool #yogateachertraining #yogainIndia #HathaYoga #YTTC #YogaVacations #yoga

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Yoga is about breaking the physical limitations towards bigger possibilities with greater scope of health and well-being. With its origin rooted in inner realization one is always open to the path of Yoga. Start now with us onto the most sought after way of life. Become yourself a beacon of this knowledge as a Certified #YogaTeacher from #AksharaYogaSchool

Find out more about the Yoga Teacher Training in India

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Yoga teachers training course is specially designed for all yoga enthusiasts from across the world wishing to gain true, reliable and relevant yoga knowledge on the spiritual land of India and to disseminate it further. Akshara Yoga School's YTTC is offered in classical Haṭha yoga as a holistic science of living, dealing with the complete phenomena of human personality for one’s total wellbeing. Book Your...

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Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual science comprising of physical and mental practices. It is the process of elevating oneself through the process of calming the mind. In simple terms Yoga means to give complete rest to body, mind and our entire being to feel refresh and energetic to be able to work again for days and months to come.

#YogaschoolinIndia #BestYogaSchool #AksharaYogaSchool #YogaTeacherTraining #YTT

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#HathaYoga is a way of disciplining the body. How it is working with the body, purifying it and preparing it for channelizing energy towards higher centers. #HathYoga aims at understanding the science of physiology, to create certain environment within and finally propel energy in specific channels for subtle experiences.

#Yogainindia #ytt #HathaYoga #HealthyYoga #Yogateachertraining

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Yoga a most important habit to live a healthy lifestyle. Its very important to learn a authentic and healthy yoga style. #AksharaYogaSchool offering #Hatha yoga teacher training course and Yoga vacations to improve your lifestyle and make it heather.

#yttc #hathayoga #yogavacations

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Yoga roots to the first yogi SHIVA... A very informative article by Akshara Yoga School focusing on the originator of yoga. Interesting facts and info. on Adi Guru explaining the essence of yoga and spirituality.

#yogaguru #firstyogi #theadiyogi #healthyyoga #bestyogaschool #authenticyoga #aksharayogaschool

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Duality means the quality or condition of being dual. learn how the Yoga Asana helps overcome Dualities. Learn how you can overcome dualities and live a healthy life.

#Healthyyoga #bestyogaschoolinindia #yogainindia
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