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The website of Akord Autorent ( had a range of cars to choose from.
Call +372 5625 0951 or book your Tallinn rental car online.
All the cars, vans and minibuses we offer for rent are in great condition.
During your rental period you will have unlimited mileage within Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  
Collision damage waiver, comprehensive insurance and tax are included in the rental price.
All our vehicles are covered with free technical assistance in Estonia.
Special prices for weekend rentals.
Replacement vehicle warranty. In case something happens to the car, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle within Estonia as soon as possible. Replacement vehicle warranty does not apply to vans.
You can use a credit card to pay for your rental.
If you rent for 3 days or longer, we will deliver the vehicle for free within Tallinn city centre.
It is possible to arrange low-priced pick-up elsewhere in Tallinn.
Car rental with a driver.
Vans and minibuses in different sizes.

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Autorent, kaubiku rent, väikebussi rent. #autorent  
Hea hinnaga mõnusad autod.
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Some Good Reasons to Rent a Car
Some say renting cars are waste of money since you can easily use public transportations or simply get in a taxi. There are actually some circumstances when the best thing you can do is renting a car. People have different needs, and in some cases hiring a car gives exactly what they want.
1.      Luxurious Ending of Your Wedding Day
You often see in movies where a newly married couple is taken somewhere in the fanciest car you have ever seen. Fantastic vehicle comes at a price, but you can actually do the same thing by renting a car. Most car rental services provide a wide range of vehicles including the luxurious ones for certain occasions. If you want to ride a shiny car at the end of your wedding day, car rental service has it covered. Renting a car is always more affordable than purchasing, so you can the money for other things.
2.      Showing Off at School Reunion
We have to admit that some of us cannot afford the vehicles we really want. Similar to your wedding, a school reunion gives a good reason to rent a car. Everybody wants to arrive at the reunion with a great, fast, and luxurious car. If you don’t own such vehicle, you can always go to a car rental service and simply pick a car that you want without even having to purchase it.
3.      Long Distance Travel
In case you want to have a road trip with your families, using a rented car is probably better than using your own vehicle. To save money, you can rent a car which has a better mileage or fuel consumption. If you plan to drive a long distance and carry a lot of things, a spacious car makes it easier to store your cargo and is surely more comfortable for the passengers. When your car is simply not ideal for a road trip, you can pick a better car from the rental service.
4.      Moving Service
Anytime you need to move from the old place to the new one, you can rent a moving truck to carry all of your stuffs at a time. It is actually possible to carry the cargo in your van or saloon, but the room is probably not wide enough that you have to travel back and forth. Renting a truck saves you money from buying fuels. 
5.      Damaged Cars
In case your vehicle needs a repair but you have to go to places quickly, renting a car is always better than using public transportation or taxi. While your car is being fixed, you can use a rented vehicle to keep moving.
6.      First Date
The first date gives you chances to give a great impression to someone you like very much. In case your car is currently damaged, car rental service can provide a nice and clean car to take you to the date. Luxurious car is probably not the best idea since your partner may think you are richer than you really are which can be a problem in the near future. Luckily, car rental service also has non-luxurious cars for you.
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