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Happy Birthday- Black Swan!

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For everyone :) have a great day!

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Para Kay B_I Love this Book
Available at National Book Store This book is intriguing because
it tackles human nature, social norms and deviations. This book was written by renowned
and multi-awarded writer Ricky Lee .
After reading this book I’m starting to love him, I want him to put...

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What I want for this Christmas?? SHOES!!!

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My Shoes-Warrior Shoes
A shoe is my best friend every day. I always prepare a good
pair of shoes to complete my outfit of the day. 
It serves as my perfect weapon for heavy rains, sunny day, outdoor
activities, and gimmicks. I prepare the color brown because I can pair it with

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Its our Christmas Party 2013_Grammy Award! Award my Beauty!

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2013 Grammy Christmas Party
Merry Christmas everyone! I’m
just so excited to have advance greetings for all of you! For this year the
company’s theme is GRAMMY NIGHT!  It is a
year-end party for all their hardworking and productive staff to gather all
their assets into one big night. ...

Coffee Break
 I would like to thank 2nd avenue for the coffee treat around the Cyber mall Eastwood City for their promotional campaign of their TV Station. Unexpectedly we are in the midst of finding costumes for our coming Christmas party which is tomorrow (December 11...

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Happy Birthday :)

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Happy Birthday-Ex Crush
Happy birthday to my ex-Crush. He’s my classmate since when
I was 2nd year to 4 th year High School. He’s a math wizard in my
eyes. He tough on how to solve some mathematical problems, linear equation and
other brain breaking questions. I just wanted to cel...
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