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Happy Lunar New Year!!

OP:   #Monkey   Mission / Objective:
To celebrate the Lunar New Year of 2016 by creating a field art of monkey.
City / Country: HONG KONG

SitRep:  #Monkey
In Chinese society, it is well-known that there are 12 animals in the traditional Chinese Zodiac cycle. In 2016, it’s the monkey's turn for the spotlight! To celebrate the year of Monkey, Enlightened Agents in Hong Kong have decided to create a lively 'Ingress Monkey' with links and fields.

The field art planning and pre-op preparation of hacking keys took 14 days. Tsuen Wan has been chosen as the location for the field art, and 17 ENL agents sprung into action to create the Monkey to ring in the new year.

The operation began with the arrival of dawn, where the cleaning team started to clear up the area for the linkers. At around 8am, duties handover succeeded and the linkers worked expeditiously until 8:30am. The field art was finished successfully without major issues.

What was the biggest challenge of the mission? The freezing weather. The temperature on January 24th dropped drastically to less than 1℃, which is the coldest day in Hong Kong in 59 years! After creating the field art, the hands of the agents were as cold as ice. Fortunately, some agents had brought hand warming pouches to retain the warmth while they were creating the field art, and we would like to express our gratitude for the great contributions of the ENL agents listed as below.

為了慶祝農曆新年,香港綠營其中的17個玩家花了14天的籌備,在新界荃灣創造了猴子的 field art。

Planner :

Intel :

Cleaners of block links :

Key hackers :

Linkers :

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