Music and video art has found a new strength in the digital age.
I’d be veru grateful if you’d consider having a listen to my new mostly contemporary classical minimalist album – ‘Still Life’.

This is my fifth album, and my third contemporary classical / minimalist album. It contains four new works.

Dutch Flowers - Inspired by the National Gallery Dutch Flower exhibition and will be premiered at the gallery as part of the Inspiration Late on 22 July 2016. This work was inspired by the history of tulips, including the economic excesses of tulip mania, and the manipulation of human behaviour by the aesthetic effects of tulip breaking virus. In the 1600’s there was an economic bubble in which the value of tulip bulbs exploded. The most valuable were the bulbs infected with tulip breaking virus, which weakened the bulbs, but gave the flowers an attractive pattern. The desire to grow these attractive flowers led people to unconsciously help the virus survive and spread. The piece is 32 minutes long. The video for this piece is at

Shelter is an atonal, non-minimalist piece. At less than four minutes this is the shortest piece on the album.

Velocity is a minimalist contemporary classical piece, inspired by time-lapse photography. It was written as a combined piece of music/video - 18 minutes.

The Haber Process is a minimalist contemporary classical piece inspired by the chemistry of the Haber process (the process of combining nitrogen and hydrogen to produce ammonia). It is the piece closest to hard-core minimalism in the album. During its 40 minute length, the notes bouncing between instruments very gradually become unified by a gradually introduced bass line.

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If you like it, any support would be hugely appreciated.
Best wishes,
Malcolm Galloway
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