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America, 2015. Still applies
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On the thread about hand cannons in destiny. My comment was not meant for you, was meant for op. However must have mistapped reply on wrong person.
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Akinola Emmanuel

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So many memories!
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Akinola Emmanuel

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At one point in this video this idiot is going to recount a story of how someone in the middle east heard about him and wrote him a letter and a check to support his ministry. That person in the middle east didn't need a $65 million jet to communicate with Creflo, why does Creflo need $65 million to spread his BS? It's already spreading far and wide just fine. 

Why do people support these idiots? 
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Akinola Emmanuel

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Yup, I'm definitely pumped for The Avengers. I will also never see Pinocchio the same way again. 
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He sings the song in the movie
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Akinola Emmanuel

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If only I had been warned to never do the dinner date as the first date.
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Well you know now. 
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He makes a lot of valid points about PvP.

When a level 3 can walk into a game with a level 32 and be evenly matched, you have an immensely serious problem.

When a super, that you have to work throughout the match to acquire, can be defeated in one shot by a guy who happens to be hiding around the corner with a shotgun, you have a problem. 

Negating the advantages that weapons and armor have over each other should not be the default mode of PvP. That's part of the fun of it! Khvostov should not be as dangerous as the Suros Regime, that's just crazy! Iron Banner is how PvP should be by default, with different lobbies for players at different level ranges. That makes more sense than making it so that a level 3 can jump into PvP and in a few hours reach level 20, all without needing to touch most of the PvE. What  kind of game effectively negates the need to play through its own PvE in order to advance the level of your character?!!??
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I think it's fine the way it is. 
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Akinola Emmanuel

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The side you probably won't hear much from.
Baltimore police released warnings of a "credible threat" from allied gangs, so gangs allied to respond by saying they want an end to violence.When a group of people well known for acts of violence te
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You know things are getting bad when the gangs are going; "Hey guys, could we just try to get along?"
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AKA The guy who thought, "let's free the slaves so that they can pay taxes and fight in our wars". 
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Akinola Emmanuel

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I was moved.
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Ha! Sucked me in! Great story! Stay within the provided enclosure please. 
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Taken 3: The Takening. 
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Akinola Emmanuel

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"I know we're cool." Simple, yet powerful words.
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Have him in circles
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