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Akash Verma
may be some people don't like me maybe because i am too good...
may be some people don't like me maybe because i am too good...


'Iphone-6 will help people lose weight because they won't have enough money left for food



1. When Rajnikant was a Student…!!!
Teachers use to Bunk the classes....

2. Rajnikant purchased a road roller…
Guess why??????
To Iron his Clothes..

3. Once a farmer replaces scare crow in the farm with Rajnikant’s statue And Birds returned grains they took last year as well......

4. If Rajni works in BPO, clients would work in shifts..

5. Rajinikant got 150 questions in exam paper asking - "Solve any 100 questions"
He solved all 150 and wrote, " Rascalla!, CHECK ANY 100!"....

6. One day Rajani thought to play cricket in monsoon and rain stopped due to play.....

7. Tonight at 9 Rajani can be seen in the sky… as he is participating in the Asian Games’ high jump event.....

8. Rajnikanth's next project is the Titanic in Tamil. However, Rajni has twisted the climax.. Both the lead actors and the ship survive.. Rajni swims across the Atlantic Ocean with the heroine in one hand and... the Titanic in the other....

9. “Rajnikanth doesn’t breathe…air comes to hide in his lungs”

10. Once a photo of Rajnikant was given for Xerox. Don’t even try to guess what happened…
We got two copies of the Xerox machine....

One more:
Once upon a time
Rajnikant used Tooth Powder to get strong teeth
Today that powder is known as
Rajni is backwith new hits:

Rajnikant can produce fire by rubbing 2 ice cubes..

Rajnikant runs until treadmil gets tired..

In the back cover of "WORLD RECORD BOOKS" its written..all records are held by rajnikant..listed names are second in place..

 Rajnikant addeD facebook as his friend..

 Once rajnikant was on hot seat in KBC...and computer needed to choose the questions.

Rajnikant can whistle in 5 diff languages..

 If rajni's PC hangs..its time for next Windows release by microsoft....

Bestum Best.....

Rajnidada can send WHATSAPP from a roadside PCO..

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Rajni sir...

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Advance Technology

+Manchester United are finally have a offical page at Google+

love the new UI of google+
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There is always someone who will help you.
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