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Gutter Cleanup in the Autumn Season

We have successfully celebrated the fall equinox, so autumn is officially here. As the trees begin to shed and drop their leaves, it creates an excess of leaves in your yard and in your gutters. Remember, healthy gutters equal a healthy roof!

At AJ Construction, we are your local roofers that also do home improvement projects such as siding installation and attic fan installation. Learn more in today’s post about the importance of a clean, debris-free gutter for fall.

Fall Home Maintenance: Gutter Cleanup

Now that the leaves are falling, they tend to drift and spread out into your gutters clogging your gutter system. When you fail gutter upkeep, you increase your chances of roof damage in the later, colder months of winter. To prevent roof repair, clean your gutters this fall.

Clean and Audit You Gutters

Before it gets too cold, take the power washer to your gutters and hose out any leaves or debris, and then get your ladder and clean out any remaining rubbish.

Make Repairs

Once you have had a chance to clean and inspect your gutters, you will have a good idea if any repairs need to be made. As with any home project, you can always go the DIY route or hire the experts who can fix things properly and save you time, money, and frustration!

Consider Gutter Guards

Eve though you are a diligent homeowner who takes great pride in trimming tree branches and clearing the yard of leaves, this is a great time to invest in gutter guards. Gutter guards is a small screen fitted atop your gutters and allow water to collect and drain, while preventing debris from getting in.

Install A New Gutter System

If you notice that your gutters are looking dated and aren’t functioning optimally, invest in a new gutter system — your roof will thank you this coming winter!

For more information on the home improvement services we provide, reach out to us today!

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Can You Tell if Your Home Has Hail Damage?

Hail is one of mother nature’s more vengeful weather patterns as it comes swiftly and leaves a good amount of damage in its wake. You can easily spot hail damage on your cars in the nasty little indents they leave, but how about your roof? When was the last time you crawled up on your roof and inspected for hail damage after a storm?

At AJ Construction, we’re here to help you determine hail damage whether it’s through this post or through an onsite inspection. Learn all about how to spot hail damage on your home’s roof in today’s post.

Signs of a Hail-Damaged Roof

While it probably has been awhile since you last inspected your roof, if you get up there today, here is what to look for in a hail-damaged roof.

Small dents - Take a look at your metal flashing, valley, and roof vents for small dings, similar to what might appear on your car. The metal parts to your roof play just as much of role in protection as your shingles do.

Missing asphalt - If your shingles are pieces asphalt or the small granules on top, you likely have hail damage. You’ll also want to inspect cracks on your shingles — both of these signs warrant a roof repair or replacement in the near future.

Feel around for cracks and dents - Sometimes your eyes along can’t spot hail damage, instead, carefully feel around with your hands to see if you can feel anything.

Bare shingles - If the you find a large amount of granules in your gutters or deposited on the ground, it’s likely your shingles are bare and lacking these protective granules that that keep the elements out.

Hail damage can be hard to spot on your roof, mainly because it’s a place you don’t typically assess. Follow the signs listed above, and call a professional if you have any questions!

Reach out and schedule your roof repair today!

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Attic Ventilation: Does Your Home Need It?

If you’re updating your attic for better energy efficiency, it may seem odd to install insulation which provides temperature regulation, only to allow cold air to enter through the attic vents. So, why is attic ventilation necessary?

At AJ Construction, we’re your solution to all of your home improvement needs including roof repair and attic fan installation, so whether you’re updating your home’s energy efficiency or repairing your roof after the brutal summer storms, now is a great time to tackle the attic area.

Attic ventilation is necessary for energy efficiency.

Although it’s counterintuitive, it’s important to allow cold air in through the attic — especially in the winter — because the air keeps the attic cold which reduces ice-damming that can damage your roof in the colder months.

In the summer, attic ventilation is needed to help cool your home by pushing the hot air out, protecting the roof, and addressing any moisture. If your attic has insulation, the insulation will act as a barrier and resist heat transfer into the house.

Why You Need Attic Ventilation

An attic fan provides ventilation that can effectively cool hot attic spaces. Attic fans work by drawing cooler outdoor air from the attic vents, while pushing the hot air back out. Remember to never block the soffit vents, otherwise your home will lose the ability to vent properly. It’s also important to ensure your vents are sealed from the rest of the house to avoid them sucking up cool, air conditioned air from the house and up into the attic. This not only uses more energy, the HVAC system will have to work harder to cool your home.

If you’re ready to start your next home improvement project and you’re in the South Bend area, connect with us for premier attic fan installation services.

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Don’t Get Scammed: How To Avoid Dodgy Home Improvement Contractors (Part Two)

In our last post, we touched on how to spot a home improvement scam such as upfront payments, reused materials, no permits, and no fixed price quotes. Don’t get stuck in a home improvement nightmare with a contractor, and read about additional things to look for.

At AJ Construction, we are the reputable and reliable home contractor in South Bend that you want. We produce high-quality work and will never try and scam you. Work with us today!

More Home Improvement Scams To Avoid

Watch Out For Storm Chasers

Especially in the South Bend area with the unpredictable weather and storms throughout the year, you’ll run into companies who want to take advantage. Often times, your home damage will be swift and you’ll need repair quickly, and these companies know this. They’ll come right out of the woodwork and do incomplete work and leave in search of the next storm! Avoid these companies by doing a little research. Consider how long the company has been in business and if they’re local with a brick and mortar storefront.

They Put The Pressure On

When you hire reputable and qualified home contractors, they don’t need to impart high-pressure sales tactics to win your business. There are those that will and they’ll pressure you to make a decision and will likely control the conversation the whole time. Our best advice: just walk away — a good contractor will give you the time to explore your options.

There Is No Contract

Always get a contract and have everything in writing! A written contract protects both parties with information such as the agreed upon price, service dates, proof of insurance, etc. Always require this for the best protection.

We hope you never have or never will be scammed by a home improvement contractor. Our industry seems to be brimming with them, and at AJ Construction, we’re working hard to change that.

Hire only the best. Hire AJ Construction.

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Don’t Get Scammed: How To Avoid Dodgy Home Improvement Contractors (Part One)

The home improvement industry is saturated with new contractors trying to set up shop, almost it seems, overnight. There is no shortage of people willing and ready to take advantage of your situation and your money — only to disappear after the project is completed.

At AJ Construction, we have spent a great deal of time in the industry and will never leave you high and dry after a project is completed. If you have questions or need additional assistance, we’re around to offer our assistance!

Be Aware of Potential Home Improvement Scams

Upfront Payments

If a home contracting company asks to be paid in full before the project has even started, this is a major red flag. A down payment is perfectly normal, but not the full amount. If you run into a company that does this, consider looking for another company.

Materials Used From Another Project

If a contractor ever uses the phrase “I was working on another job and have materials left over I can use,” be wary. A great home improvement contractor knows exactly the amount of materials that are needed and should never try and pawn it off on you.

No Permits

Before a home improvement contractor starts work on your home, verify their credentials and permits. If they cannot produce a permit, they’re likely unlicensed and produce poor work.

You Cannot Lock Down A Price

If the professional keeps changing the price of the service and you cannot lock one down in writing, simply walk away. A dishonest contractor is likely to keep find reasons to add additional charges, leaving you to pay for much more work than what was agreed upon.

If you’re considering getting work done take your time and research your local home improvement contractors to avoid scams. Any company who requires upfront payments, uses recycled materials, has no permit, and there is no fixed price in writing, is a company to be avoided.

Choose AJ Construction for upfront pricing and honest work! Contact us today!

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Summer Home Improvements

If you’ve come out on the other side of our Indiana winter and braved the spring storms, the summer season may bring with it a couple of home improvements.

At AJ Construction, many may know us as roofing contractors in Indiana, but we also assist homeowners with home improvement projects! Follow along as we look at home improvements to make as summer approaches!

Repair Storm Damage - If your home saw damage this past winter or spring, it is time to first address these home improvements. Perhaps you have a leaky roof or your shingles are in disrepair. Don’t wait any longer and have those mended by professionals today.

Have a fresh coat of paint applied - Perhaps your siding looks a little worn or the trim is peeling, so now is the time to spruce up the paint on the exterior of your home.

Clear your gutters - This may be something that is easily done each year, but it’s important to do to remove any debris that is blocking the gutter or downspout to prevent water damage. And, if you’re getting your roof inspected you also have them clean the gutters.

Add some insulation - When you add insulation to your home’s attic, it can help keep the summer temperatures indoors cool and comfortable while saving on your monthly energy bill.

Add outdoor features - Once you’ve addressed the things that need to be done, you can do more fun things like building a pergola or fence, to adding a pool or new patio.

Don’t wait until summer to tackle your home improvements; start by repairing any storm damage, paint the exteriors, clear your gutters, and add insulation. When those are taken care of, do something fun! Build an outdoor structure or add a patio or pool.

For the best in home improvement contractors, contact us at AJ Construction today!

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Hail Damage Repair

April showers bring May flowers, right? Indiana gets some picturesque rain and thunderstorms in the spring season, but unfortunately they can produce hail damages your home property. There is little you can do to prevent the hail damage from occurring, but there are professionals who are ready and willing to provide hail damage repair! If you’re in the South Bend area and have experienced hail damage to your home, contact us at AJ Construction!

When Do I Call a Professional For Hail Damage Repair?

When natural disasters strike there is no playbook to follow on how to handle the next steps. The initial course of action after a hail storm is to assess your property and clean up any debris that may be blocking your roof or siding.

Hail is notorious for damaging shingles so if you’re comfortable with hopping up onto the roof and assessing the damage, you can start with that. If you cannot, call a professional and we can come out and help.

The Type of Damage to Shingles

The type of hail damage will differ from shingle-to-shingle and below are a couple of common shingle types.

Asphalt - On asphalt shingles, there is no rhyme or reason to the damage pattern. The shingle granules will likely be missing and a dark mark or impression will be left.

Wood - Wood will also not leave a distinct damage pattern, but splits may occur in a brown or orange color.

Tile - Tile roofs are extremely easy to identify hail damage because there will be a break. You may also see fractures and cracks surrounding the impact point.

Metal - Metal roofs are quite hearty, but they can acquire a ding or two in their lifetime. They mostly avoid hail damage because of the material and distance between the surface that’s underneath.

It’s important to call a professional if you have suffered severe roof damage or if water is leaking into your home.

For all of your hail damage repair, call AJ Construction today!

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How To Pick A Great Roofing Company

With all the different kinds of weather we see in Indiana, roofing companies seem to pop up left and right to make a quick buck on a home’s roofing crisis. So, how do you discern what a good company will offer? Follow along as we go through some tips in picking a good roofer!

Ask for referrals

Word of mouth is one of the most valuable forms of information you can get when it comes getting roofing recommendations. If a neighbor or valued friend had a great experience, there’s a good chance you will too.

It’s also important to research their website and see if they have a review/testimonial page. Closely look over what others have said and you’ll get a better picture of what kind of company you’re dealing with.

Do they have a place of business?

Oftentimes, you’ll see pop up roofing companies who are working straight from their work vans, if this is the case, you may want steer clear. On the website (they should have a website!), they should have a physical location listed that you can go in to, should the need arise.

Research their Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings

It’s important to see how your roofing company rates with the BBB. Most contractors are required to maintain good standings with the BBB in order to keep their certifications. A company in good standing will also proudly display their rating in their place of business and on their website.

How long have they been in business?

If a roofing company has only been in business for a couple of years, check to make sure they weren’t operating under a different name and then changed it upon receiving negative reviews or customer complaints. More than likely, a new business is a new business, but it does happen from time-to-time when a business closes and then re-enters the market under a new name.

AJ Construction

If you need quality services from Indiana roofing contractors, give us a call today!

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The Best Type Of Roof For Indiana Weather

Living in Indiana, sure brings all types of weather: from the hot and humid summers to the frigid cold winters. The variation in the Indiana climate can wreak havoc on your roof, so if your home is in need of a roof repair or roof replacement, there are special considerations to take for the types roofs or roof shingles to use.

Get the right roof

When looking into what types of roof shingles are on the market, the most important thing to consider is how they will protect your home and your family from the ever changing elements. The last thing you would want, is a roof that starts leaking or has damage after only a season, as a result of cheap, faulty shingles.

You want durable roof shingles that allow for ice and snow to clear. In today’s roof shingle market, there are many options to choose from and technologies to take advantage of when selecting a new roof!

Asphalt - This type of roof shingle is the most popular and economic choice by far. These roofs can last up to 30 years and can withstand Indiana weather. However, if you’re in a particularly windy region, you may want to opt for another roofing shingle.

Composite - Composite shingles are made of plastic, clay, rubber, or asphalt mixtures and are made to mimic slate roofing shingles. These roof shingles work great in the snowy indiana winters, but may crack or fade over time.

Metal roofing - Metal roofing is wonderful for fire protection because it doesn’t burn, so if you’re in an area with a high-risk of fire, a metal roof may be just what you need! Metal roofing is also great in the heat because it reflects the sun’s rays, keeping your home cooler in the summer.

AJ Construction

There are many types of roofs and roof shingles for every budget and every climate. Contact us today at AJ Construction for more information on roofing options that support the Indiana weather!

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Roof Maintenance In The Winter

The winter months can bring its own concerns when it comes to weather and what that means for roofs. You’ll see the gamet of winter weather conditions in Indiana — from heavy snowfall and freezing rain, to sunshine that melts and creates moisture on the warmer days. Not only do you need to brace for the cold yourself and prepare to bundle up over the next couple of months — but also caring for and performing roof maintenance will not only extend its life, but also your pocketbook!

Prepare now

It’s always important to have your roof inspected by professionals twice a year, in the fall and then again in the spring. Having your roof inspected in the fall will give you time to make any repairs if need be, before the first hard freeze. It’ll also mitigate the chances of provoking existing damage, and causing any additional destruction. Now is the time to prep your roof for the chilly climate.

The not so common things to inspect

Oftentimes when we’re doing roof maintenance, we focus on the roof primarily. It’s good to consider things outside and around the roof that may affect it and cause damage. Low hanging tree branches or unkempt branches can become heavy with snow and ice and break onto the roof causing damage.

Tree limbs can also create a bridgeway for rodents to scurry from the tree to your roof and into your house, so keeping them clean and trimmed is crucial.

Roof flashing is installed for added protection and placed where the roof intersects with the chimney and skylights. When the flashing is damaged, costly water damage can easily follow. High winds and freezing rains are also culprits for flashing damage, so be sure to inspect and replace as needed — replacing flashing is much cheaper than having to replace a new roof.

For roof maintenance

Be a responsible homeowner and have your roof maintenanced and inspected twice a year by a professional.

Schedule with us, AJ Construction, today for roof maintenance and repair.

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