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Ajo Mathew
Love Linux,android and whatever new.. If Intrested I will pick it up..
Love Linux,android and whatever new.. If Intrested I will pick it up..

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Reasons I didn't install the app myself. Its privately owned but is being promoted through government channels and like a government initiative. One should also pay attention to permissions it asks for on Android. Way too intrusive.

So, if you have signed-up for the app or are planning to, here’s the rub:

You’ll be handing over your voter ID, phone number, email, profession and place of origin to Narendra Modi’s team and BJP

This data will be saved in a server managed and operated by Narendra Modi and BJP

They will be contacting users because what’s going to stop them? Privacy laws in our country are a joke which are limited to DND lists

Your data is going to be analysed to plan BJP’s election strategy

Also, I suspect that most of my peers might not sign-up for this app because:

They are wary of sharing personal data

No one has the time or patience to fill out such a long survey

But, considering Narendra Modi’s wider appeal, there are a lot of people who might sign-up or already have. And, I am not sure if they realise what they just did.

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Aatrox- b00tbu9

#Sony  Xperia Neo L. I need help. I have been trying to get JB kernel for Neo l so far no success. But today I managed it. but the problem is that the sdcard is mounted with permissions root root so no app is able to access sdcard. Anyone faced this issue #androi   #kernel   #Jellybean   Please help us out..

+CyanogenMod  Guys apollo player did guys withdraw it..? Link dead on play store

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3 Planets Balanced on Giza Pyramids on December 3 2012

Planetary alignment that will take place Dec 3, 2012 is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza. Please SHARE this Rare Opportunity!!!

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Falcon Pro: Elegant Android Twitter App With An Impressive Widget & TwitLonger Support
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