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Ajkun Ballet Theatre - International resource for the professional dancer and the general public. Learn more on
Ajkun Ballet Theatre - International resource for the professional dancer and the general public. Learn more on

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#WednesdayWisdom as our International Audition Tour continues - #UpNext in #Chicago on February 18 - followed by #NYC, #London and #Milan!
Audition Season is here, and our Artists share their advice to keep you on your toes. Success!!!
If you are looking to be seen by a Company Director, the time is coming for you to send in your materials. There are several benefits in signing up early. Read on.
Although the panel takes time to review all candidates’ material, many applicants hand in their resume the day of the audition.
Getting yours in early allows panelists a more careful review of your background.
You never know how many dancers show up for an audition. No one does.
If you are traveling, the last thing you’d like to happen is to be left outside the door.
Finding a job is a job in itself. Make it easier by skipping the line.
Reality is: you want to land as many opportunities as possible.
Plan it now, and avoid the stress to fill in paperwork the day of your audition. Details, calendar of open auditions and guidelines to pre-register for AjkunBT auditions available at
#audition #dancers #auditionrounds #auditionseason #ajkunbt #ajkunballettheatre #careertips #jobsearch #success #shareyourtalent +AjkunBT +I Love AjkunBT

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#AUDITION for #PINY in #CHICAGO on February 18.
Lizzie White auditioned at our Chicago Audition last year and was granted admission to +Ajkun BalletTheatre's elite #summerintensive +Performing in New York and qualified for grant assistance from the +AjkunBT Fund. Following her summer with +AjkunBT she joined the Company as a Junior Artist.
We look forward to welcoming this year's talent at our Chicago Audition on February 18 - complete details and registration information at #auditionsinchicago #auditiontour #auditionseason #summerintensiveauditions #bestballetprograms #ballettraining #ajkunbt #dancer

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Today our international #auditiontour begins in #LosAngeles, CA and will continue over the next few weeks in Chicago, London, Milan and NYC.
Auditions will offer admission to our elite #summerintensive +Performing in New York, the #studyabroad summer program +DanceInItaly Festival, our annual January celebration of dance the +New York Winter Festival, qualification for grants and #scholarships from the +AjkunBT Fund and Company and Junior Artists position within the +AjkunBT Company.
We look forward to welcoming the outstanding dancers who will be sharing their talent with us, and wish #dancers everywhere who are beginning their #auditionseason the best of luck as they focus on the next step in their careers.
#GoodLuck Dancers!!
For our complete calendar of upcoming auditions visit
Pictured: A #behindthescenes look at #AjkunBT #Artist #BrittanyLarrimer focused #inthewings during a performance. +I Love AjkunBT

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#AUDITIONS for +Ajkun BalletTheatre's highly competitive #summerintensive, +Performing in New York begin #thisweekend in #LosAngeles and continue worldwide through March.
Learn more about our variety of educational programs at:
Complete calendar of upcoming auditions and guidelines to register at:
Contact us: / 646-368-9800
Sharing ballet training with the professional dancers of the +AjkunBT will become a reality for a handful of gifted dancers admitted to +Performing in New York, +Ajkun BalletTheatre's Ivy League intensive, at open auditions beginning #thisweekend and continuing through March. The distillation of applicants, with a ratio of 2,000 to 20 of the most remarkable talents in the world, makes it one of the most sought after programs for Dance Companies seeking for new talent. Main admission criteria? “Artistry” says Chiara Ajkun, Artistic Director. “We can teach technique and reshape a body but we cannot produce Artists”.
More about Performing in New York:
Audition Calendar and Guidelines:
#balletbarre #dancers #gifted #ivyleague #balletintensive #talent #topdanceprogram #performinginnewyork #ajkunbt #atthebarre #balletauditions #auditionseason #piny

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Viza Amerikane dhe baleti.
Per te kuptuar me qarte, ju mund te keni degjuar histori si mund merrni nje vize. Ajkun Ballet Theatre ka punesuar kercimtare nga shume vende te ndryshme.

Dolores Garcia e cila eshte sekretaria e bordit te drejtorve, deshiron te jap ca keshilla.
Gjeja me kryesore eshte te gjesh nje Sponsor sic eshte nje kompani baleti e cila duhet te jete e stabilizuar dhe me nje korrektesi me ligjin amerikan, ne qofte se eshte ajo qe ju kerkoni. Kompania duhet t'ju siguroj servisin si dhe materialet per te siguruar kete servis.
Ju duhet qe te keni kualifikim e duhur si kercimtar. Ne kete menyre procesi nuk do te jete shume i veshtire me qofte se ju i permbaheni ketyre kerkesave. Protokolli vazhdon me tutje ne qofte se ju punoni mire dhe me nje plan.

E para: ti duhet te jesh i informuar per kohen qe te duhet per te pergatitur te gjithe dokumentacionin per USCIS qe eshte zyra e emigracionit.

E dyta: duhet te behesh "familjare" me procesi .

E treta: ne qofte se ju keni veshtirsi me anglishten ju mund te kerkoni ndihme ne faqen ju nuk mund te goboni atje, sepse ata jane njerzit qe vendosin per vizen tuaj.

E katerta: te jeni Real me pretendimet qe keni. Ju duhet te kualifikoheni per nje nga vizat qe jane te gatshme per artiste, kjo varet nga ju me ane te edukimit tuaj, sic eshte karriera juaj dhe korrektesia ne pergatitjen e dokumentacionit te duhur. Dhe ne fund eshte nje proces shume i thjeshte. Faktet jane te gjitha te shkruara online dhe ju mund te merrni asistencen e perkthyer ne shume gjuhe, kjo eshte vetem per tju ndimuar. Ne deshirojme te shikojme Talentin tuaj ne skene

Dolores Garcia Ajkunbt Sekretarja e Bordit.
+AjkunBT +Performing in New York +New York Winter Festival +AjkunBT Fund +I Love AjkunBT

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Se pensi di lavorare negli Stati Uniti come danzatore avrai sentito parlare del visto di lavoro.

Con un organico internazionale, l' Ajkun Ballet Theatre ha assunto danzatori di molte nazionalità.
Di seguito i consigli di Dolores Garcia, segretaria esecutiva del Consiglio Direttivo.

La cosa più importante è trovare lo SPONSOR.
Una compagnia di balletto, con una storia stabilita da tempo ed in buone relazioni con il governo è la prima necessità. La compagnia deve fare la richiesta ed avere le possibilità finanziarie per sostenerla.

Devi poter mostrare evidenza di una fedina penale immacolata e documentazione del tuo background di danza. Se hai questo materiale la procedura non è difficile.

Il processo di candidatura è semplice e diretto se hai un buon PIANO D'AZIONE.
Prima di tutto devi conoscerne i TEMPI (per preparare la documentazione e per la revisione dell' USCIS ).
Secondo, è importante familiarizzarsi con la procedura.
Terzo, se ti risulta difficile da comprendere (per esempio: non conosci bene l'inglese) puoi chiedere aiuto a qualcuno. La migliore fonte informativa è
Non puoi sbagliare, visto che queste sono le persone che decidono per i visti.

Per finire, è importante avere aspettative REALISTICHE.
Devi avere i requisiti per uno dei visti disponibili agli artisti. Questo dipende da più fattori: che educazione hai ricevuto, a che punto sei nella carriera e che livello d'esperienza hai e la possibilità di documentare il tutto.

Alla fine, è semplicemente una procedura. La chiara descrizione online, e la possibilità di assistenza in molte lingue è di grande aiuto.

Noi, all'Ajkun Ballet Theatre, saremmo contenti di poter ospitare il Tuo Talento sui nostri palcoscenici, ed il nostro organico è una testimonianza dell'internazionalità dei nostri danzatori.

Dolores Garcia, Segretaria Esecutiva del Consiglio Direttivo
+AjkunBT +Performing in New York +New York Winter Festival +AjkunBT Fund +I Love AjkunBT

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As audition time approaches, our Artists share their advice to keep you on your toes. Best of Luck Dancers!!

We have all been there– filled with anxiety right before the big audition day. When you are standing at the barre, it’s a little too late to manage your stress physically. So, read on and get ready to show off your talent!
=> Set Realistic Expectations
Lofty expectations may lead to unnecessary stress.
Reality is: most dancers had to go through several auditions before landing a job.
=> Use Positive Imagery
Transport yourself on a performing stage, rather than in a test setting.
This is what you like to do: perform for people.
=> Squash the Nay Sayers
Before you start the audition round, take a few moments to jot down the negative things and focus on what you have to give. Putting your best foot forward at the audition will attract attention to your strengths!
#audition #dancers #auditionday #auditionseason #careertips  #beenthere #success #showyourtalent #professionaldanceprogram #companyclass #successstories #balletclass #upyourdancegame #ajkunbt #ajkunballettheatre
Learn more about Performing in New York:
Audition Information and Guidelines:
Contact us: 646-368-9800
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