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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.


Hey all!

For veteran Invisible Sun players, I'd love some input / thoughts on stat allocation. We're starting our first game and without having played it, I haven't gotten a sense of how things will flow or what will be most useful.

I'm creating a Itinerant Empath Goetic who Listens to Whispers.

Right now, this is what I've got, but no sense if is a good breakdown.

Certes 8
-- Accuracy 2
-- Movement 2
-- Physicality 2
-- Perception 2
Qualia 9 (15)
-- Sorcery 6
-- Interaction 2
-- Intellect 3
-- Sortilege 4

In Certes, I envision her as pretty well-rounded. Equally good in every area, but no standouts.

For Qualia, I went heavy with Sorcery and Sortilege. She's sort of this 'Indian witch' as a concept, dealing with creatures inspired by Indian mythology.

Would love some thoughts. And any resources on sample character sheets out there?

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GivingTuesday: NEED HELP

Hey all,

Today, and for today ONLY, one anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations up to $100,000. So I could really use your help!

If you're able to donate, please do. Small or large, each dollar gets doubled and closer to our goal!

And even if you can't donate, please spread the word. We really need to reach as many people as possible to hit our target.

Thank you!
Today is #GivingTuesday!
Today is #GivingTuesday!
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It's all a blur, but finally today is the day. Celebrating our 20th anniversary with a gala to raise funds for a second school! It's surreal and amazing and I can't wait for it.

If you're aren't coming, you can still follow the action via social media (mostly on FB, Twitter and Instagram). And you can bid on some pretty amazing silent auction items from home here:
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Pretty stoked to be featured in Seattle Met. Another one of those amazing moments that's been happening recently. Very thankful.
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I have been having a hard time expressing myself today. After 7 years of watching this documentary being made, 10 years of working for Shanti Bhavan and 20 years of being part of my father's and my family's journey, Daughters of Destiny is live on Netflix.

Now the entire world can see the joy, beauty, power, serenity, opportunity, challenge, triumph, heartbreak, perseverance, magic and love that is the Shanti Bhavan Children's Project. To see the lives of our children and where they came from, where they are now, where they are going. Their dreams and their worries, their hopes and their obstacles. What is possible when we are willing fight to make the world a better place.

I hope you all enjoy the series!
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Really thrilled with this interview +Glamour Magazine did with me about Shanti Bhavan and #DaughtersofDestiny! It may be one of the most in-depth interviews I've ever done about our work and why it's different and why it matters. Really got a chance to go into some detail and I am pleased at how it came out.
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And here is the Youtube version of the trailer for Daughters of Destiny. I can't really describe how I feel. It's enormously surreal to see my work, my school, people I know, my father...and myself in a trailer for a Netflix Original documentary series. I keep pinching myself. So thankful for so many, many things.
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Shanti Bhavan on the Netflix Original documentary series Daughters of Destiny

I am not sure what to say, so I'll just repeat what I wrote on Facebook:

My job is Director of Operations of the Shanti Bhavan Children's Project, but as I reflect on this moment, I know it has not been a job -- it has been my life's calling.

I have seen children come through our gates year after year. I have heard their struggles, felt their pain, and have known the enormous hardships they and their families have faced through the years.

I have also known my own struggles and hardships. There have been days that were so dark I did not know if I could make it. Days that were so hard I saw no hope and no future. Days that made me want to lay down and die.

Shanti Bhavan that gave me strength. The children, the staff, the volunteers, all the incredible people who make this place so magical.

We stayed together, worked together. We did not give up. From those darkest days, we have grown and continued doing the best we could.

I cannot believe where we are now. I am so deeply thankful that the story of our school has been captured by the amazing, Oscar-award winning Vanessa Roth and that none other than A.R. Rahman is doing the music! And all of this coming to life through a 4 part Netflix Original documentary series.

It feels unreal.

There are too many people to thank. Too many people who have been with us at different points and made this possible. Too many friends who have been there for me, personally.

Thank you all.

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Thrilled that Padma has been so supportive of SB on social media. Check out the top of her Instagram, where she asks people to donate to SB.

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Despite some small errors in the article, The Hindu did a great piece about Padma Lakshmi's visit to Shanti Bhavan!
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