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What is TCM Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture?

Does it really make you naturally look more attractive?

Read to find out more:

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How does cupping therapy help?

And are you ready to take a step towards your health today?

Read & learn more information about the various types of health benefits with cupping therapy:

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For the office ladies, drinking green tea should be the primary choice of drinks.

Frequent air conditioning dries up the face and undesirable environmental factors such as computer radiation will cause melanin under your skin to become active.

Hence, it is important to take good care of your skin.

Read more to learn about the different health benefits to drinking the types of tea in office:

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Tip Of The Day: Apple of Dragon’s Eyes

It’s Long Yan Rou (Longan fruit) that we are talking about! The sweetness and warm property work wonders for overworking or overthinking professionals like many of us.

It can help with sleeping problems, palpitations, forgetfulness and dizziness due to Heart and Spleen Deficiencies. These individuals usually have pale complexion, get tired easily or have digestive problems.

Sound like you? Then enjoy a handful of fresh fruit or soak about 5 dried pieces in hot water and drink as a tea.

Caution: They can cause too much heat in the body hence should not be consumed in large quantities. Too much may cause sore throat, acne or nose bleed. Individual who often feel hot and have reddish complexion should avoid them. Otherwise, eat a few pieces once a week would be enough.

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Tip Of The Day: Say YES to Barley!

Feeling sluggish, wake up with puffy eyes and gaining weight for no reason? Almond milk, turmeric lattes are trending right now but how about a refreshing barley drink?

In TCM, barley is a cooling herb used to promote diuresis and strengthen your Spleen (Digestive System). It’s also a great natural remedy for urinary tract infections and can help to flush out excess water in your body.

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Tip Of The Day: Bye Bye Bloat!

Apple cider and lemon water is not for everyone. TCM has long used ginger tea for ingestion, nausea and bloating.

Ladies, if you suffer from premenstrual bloating or cramps, it may ease the pain. Simply grate some fresh ginger, add hot water and honey to taste! It’s great for immune system boost too.

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Tip Of The Day: Diet = Salad? Go Easy on Cold Food!

TCM’s Rule: Feed The Stomach with Warm Food.

Imagine the stomach as a steamer. It needs fire and energy (Qi) to “cook” the food and digest properly. So if you keep eating cold food, imagine how much stress you are creating.

If you can’t give up your salad, add food with warming property such as ginger, garlic, fennel or pepper in your dressing.

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What do you picture when you hear the word "acupuncture?"

Is it an image of torturous needles jammed all over someone's body?

Does it remind you of pain and getting pricked by things? It may actually relieve pain.

Acupuncture treats pain instead of causing it.

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"I am eating less but I'm not losing weight!" is a common frustration that acupuncturists often encounter from patients.

Not to worry, let's hear and read some valuable advices from our TCM physician Ms Jun Negoro:

Take a real action then to re-evaluate your eating habits!

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Edwin Tan has finally achieved his weight dream with Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss program together with amazing TCM Physicians' advices!

Read more about his inspirational story that will motivate you to start your journey to a happy and healthier life:
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