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AIIC Interpreters
AIIC is the home of professional conference interpreters worldwide
AIIC is the home of professional conference interpreters worldwide


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AIIC CONVERSATIONS – talks among conference interpreters about their profession and craft.

Created by +Luigi Luccarelli and +Lourdes De Rioja with AIIC coordination and support by Gisèle Abazon, CONVERSATIONS has been rolled out last month with four videos exploring multiple aspects of interpreting

Watch for more information on AIIC's website and social media, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and join us in the conversation!

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15 years of the AIIC Webzine / Part 2: Training in consecutive and consultant interpreters

This time around we start by delving into consecutive interpreting and its place in the training of future interpreters. Following that we take a look at the world of consultant interpreters, those expert language service providers with first-hand experience of meeting dynamics.

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New issue of AIIC webzine

Conference interpreting has grown and diversified but simple truths remain: interpreting is interpreting and the three main branches of professional activity are inextricably linked. This issue illustrates the commonalities.

Six questions for +Angela Keil, President of AIIC
Brand recognition, the true worth of professional interpretation, and helping members market their services highlighted by newly elected AIIC chief – but all within a long-term view of professional values. 

AIIC Staff Interpreters: Reaching out, moving on together
During the 2015 AIIC Assembly week, staff interpreters from around the world discussed conditions in organizations and met with freelance colleagues to examine common challenges. 

Guf : késaco ?
Parmi toutes les organisations qui utilisent les services d’interprètes de conférence, les Fédérations syndicales internationales sont peu connues. Elles ont pourtant, elles aussi, négocié et conclu un accord avec l'AIIC régissant les conditions de travail des interprètes qui travaillent pour elles. 

A survey of glossary practice of conference interpreters
An exploration of how professional interpreters compile, use and share glossaries. It turns out it's not all about words! 

...and more...
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Interpreters at work at UNOG

"The passion of the interpreters comes across, their engagement in what they are doing, which renders the discussion much more interesting for those who are listening in various languages. It acts as a motivation, because the interpreter can also inspire with the expressions that they use, or the emphasis of the delivery, as they mirror whoever is making the original speech."

María Soledad Cisternas Reyes,
Chairperson of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

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Fruit for thought

Searching for beauty amongst the wrinkles of global English — or how to prune a plum tree.

Latest blog post by Philip H. D. SMITH.

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A manager’s view of professional interpreter associations

Professional associations benefit not only their members or the profession as a whole, but also the managers and employers of interpreters. A few examples from my own career illustrate this.

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Daily fees for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, not just pulled out of the air

How much annual expenses has to cover a self-employed person? A freelancer doesn't just need a pair of headphones and a laptop, but also old-age/retirement provisions and insurances.

What is the gross income you have to get in order to cover those expenses?

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What are the similarities between meditation and simultaneous interpretation?

The ability to enter a very peculiar flow/state of consciousness is one of the signs of a professional interpreter. Early in their careers some interpreters treat their craft as an adversarial process. Even more seasoned interpreters can break down and blame it on a difficult speaker instead of looking inside... 

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Interpreters eating with the delegates

You have accepted the kind invitation, but now have to get your act together. Read more in our latest blog post.

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