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Aidin Azarkerdar

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Observation Part 2: The Worker
(Short Experimental Documentary Project)

Observation is an experimental short documentary project I started at 2011 and it’s an ongoing project as far as I am alive and have some idea.
At 2011, during an assignment for university with my friend, I shot an static portrait of an old beggar in Bukit Bintang Street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — which was not for assignment — a shot that year later, at 2012, I found it and it became my new subject for a short experimental documentary, Observation. I decided to continue this series. In which that I see an subject, I will not hesitate, take any camera i have, shot and just put in editor for a bit of color correction and export. I didn’t want to touch anything else regarding to image or audio. So everything look as natural as possible.
However Observation Part 1 was shut down twice by YouTube regarding to copyright for music at the background; but seriously, what I could do with that music that was played at lot10 shopping mall in front of that beggar, which made the movie more understandable. I didn’t want to touch the audio, so I decided to bring it to Vimeo, the website that appreciate the work of documentary filmmakers and I appreciate their existence.
However, unfortunately, since then I couldn’t find any interesting subject that make me to decide to make 2nd part for this experimental project, until I moved 6,293 km away from where I began the story. I came back to my birth country, Iran and out of sudden, in an hot day of July 2016, behind my room, an interesting story happened, which made me to make 2nd part of the project, but not with a professional camera but a Samsung Galaxy S7.
So at the end, I just would like to cut my broken English short, and let you watch both videos if you are not get bored by some long static films. Enjoy!

Link to Observation Part 1-The beggar:

#Documentary #ShortFilm #Experimental #FilmMaking

At beginning 2012 I shot and made short documentary called Observation Part 1 - The beggar. Since then, I haven't been involved in any other episode for this…
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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"Filmmaker and artist Yann Arthus-Bertrand spent 3 years collecting real-life emotional stories from more than 2,000 women and men in 60 countries. Those emotions, those tears and smiles, those struggles and those laughs are the ones uniting us all. Watch the 3 volumes of HUMAN on YouTube and experience #WhatMakesUsHUMAN

This Film made with Association of : 
Bettencourt Schueller Foundation 
GOOD PLANET Foundation 

#Documentary #Film #humanity   #Human  
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+yacine H Oui mais ce sont les palestiniens qui payent pour les malheurs que vous avait fait subir Hitler. Le bébé juif né dans les camps de concentration sait-il que ce sont les bébés palestiniens qui se font canarder par les sionistes pires que les nazis? Récupérez donc vos chocolats , vos malheurs et vos souvenirs et réglez vos comptes entre vous. Les sales arabes et les palestiniens ne vous avaient riens refusé comme aides , ils avaient même combattu aux premières lignes pendant que l'on vous déportaient et que l'on vous habillaient de l'excuse qui vous sert d'alibi pour vous en prendre à ceux qui vous avaient le plus aidé.

Il faut donc en finir avec la saleté qui vous gouverne.

+Bonjour Toi Tu as bien raison. Ils font cent ans de guerre de religion entre eux en Europe, puis ils se mettent à faire des enfants pour les confier aux orphelinats afin des les torturer et d'abuser d'eux sexuellement, ils les instruisent bien et en font des gouvernants de pays d'europe et d'Amériques, ils dressent des armées , vont au moyen orient démolissent tout et accusent les peuples de paysans de la région de terrorisme et de détenteurs d'armes de destruction massive. C'est juste s'ils ne les ont pas accusé d'avoir bombardé Hiroshima et  Nagazaki le 8 et 9 Mai 1945. A présent ils tuent les palestiniens et les accusent de terrorisme. Il faut se débarrasser de ces bâtards  d'Européens, d'américains et d'israéliens qui font tout sauter au nom de l'islam et pour  le crétinisme et le judaïsme. Ces voleurs de pétrole et ces assassins de la nature doivent être rééduqué car ils ne savent pas vivre en société à cause de ce qu'ils avaient subi comme torture dans les orphelinats gérés par des juifs et  des crétins. Ils bombardent les arabes chez eux et les accusent de terrorisme, c'est ce qui s'appelle avoir l'âme d'un persécuté.
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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I am back to Google +. It was a long time i didn't post anything here. But I try to be more frequent. 
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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Dear +YouTube please bring back the "Subscription Collection". My subscriptions section are now full of mess. I am already giving up on subscribing to more channels as I cannot handle this mess. 

#Youtube   #Google  
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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10 Thought-Provoking Vine Artists You Need To Follow

From a Stop Motion Animator to a Dancer. These Viners will blow your mind. watch My list of "10 Thought-Provoking Vine Artists You Need To Follow" on +BuzzFeed community and go follow this amazing female  vine artists: 

#Vine   #buzzfeed   #List   #Artists   #Art   #femaleartist  
From a Stop Motion Animator to a Dancer. These Viners will blow your mind.
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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Use promo code AidinAzarkerdar to save 20% off premium stock photography 
Buy a royalty-free license from 500px Prime's collection of premium stock photos.
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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I am officially in Ello. Now I am wondering so far, how many more social network I gonna join? I think I also enjoy the new ways of communication and how human being try to make everything new!
Videojournalist|Photojournalist| Film maker
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+Shaghayegh Haghdoust Now I am testing it.. Not yet I found anything interesting.... 
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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Be friendly, Google+!

Since the public launch of Google plus, I am still waiting to see when +Google+ Developers trying to make social media crossover easier and let us connect our Twitter, Facebook and/or other social networks that we actively do live updates there. So when we write a note in Medium or post in Twitter or even a note in Facebook, we automatically and easily get the submitted material in Google+ without any hassle to resubmit or copy/paste it! otherwise it's not really easy to keep up with G+ for live and updated news and or videos, when in this new era of media everything we do is a fast 'Breaking'.

p.s: even I couldn't do any recipe in #IFTTT

#GooglePlus #Facebook #Twitter #SocialMedia 
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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"Strong wind destroy our home
Many dead, tonight it could be you"

+Soap&Skin - Homeless (Paul Simon Cover) 

Soap&Skin - Homeless (Paul Simon Cover)/ Intro @ Heldenplatz Vienna 3.10.2015 / Voices for Refugees by SOAP&SKIN
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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If you filming or taking pictures without doing anything even if someone is burning on fire is ethical and professionally correct. (Ref : Greg Marinovich, Soweto, 1990 : ) but if you feel for them as humankind and you try to joining to help a person in danger you are highly respected. (Ref : Anderson Cooper, Haiti, 2010 :
But if you going to tripping, kick or harm another humankind for any reason without that person having any harm to you is not accepted. (NOT AT ALL!) It's unethical, unprofessional, and consider as criminal behavior. Stop doing a job if you are not made for it.

  #Ethics   #journalism   #Videojournalism   #PetraLaszlo   #Hungary   #refugeecrisis  
A Hungarian video journalist was fired after videos were posted to Twitter that appeared to show her kicking and tripping refugees as they ran from the police.
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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My very first commercial as an Editor I've done for F&N product of 2015, F&N Nutriwell. The most of my pleasure happens as they chosen my own free style editing option rather than the story board version. However I do liked the 30 seconds version, but still this 20 seconds ad for Chinese new year 2015 for me is quiet good!
This is my first commercial I've done as an editor in my new company , Pixel Post Sdn Bhd. However it was my first time I did such a thing but my pleasure fullf...
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Aidin Azarkerdar

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News Addict, Freelance Journalist,  Photojournalist , Independent Film maker.


Born at 9 November 1987, the graduate student in bachelor of art in digital Film and television from LUCT, Malaysia. former Videographer and camera-corespondent in Malaysia. Also worked on some Documentaries, short films, TV-Series, advertisements, news broadcasting and some more fun stuffs. currently staying in place of birth, Iran. English is my second language, but I rarely write in my own language in social networks because of personal reasons.

Also not call myself an Activist, but I actively support Freedom of Press, Internet,Information and Freedom of expression. By the way, as a matter in fact, I also supporting the right of people who accused talking in the way of "Hate-Speech". 



1 - The Scientist - Angel Dust Music Video (2014, DOP, Videographer)

2 - Unchangeable (2011, Director-Cinematographer)

3 - The beauty that is not branded (2011, Director-Cinematographer)

4 - Unequality (2011, Director of Cinematography)

5 - Longspoon fed (2011, Sound Recorder)

6 - what we teach to them (2010, assistance director)

7- We draw our dreams (2009, Cinematographer)

8 - (2009, Director of Cinematography)

9 - M135 (2003, Writer, Actor, Producer)


Information about my Habits:

as a human-being I also have some habits, wishes and imaginations that always I following them.

some of my habits are:

1 - Fashion &luxurious
2 - film & Theater
3 - News & Journalism
4 - Fine Arts
5 - Economy & politics
6 - Technology

Some of the subject I like to follow:

1 - Fashion & Technology
2 - Politics & Global News
3 - Education & Learning
4 - Criminology & Sociology
5 - Social Psychology

My Blogs and websites

  • My Personal website includes my Resume and portfolios:
  • Check my Protofolio on my Linkedin page:
  • My Thumblr Account that I writting about Cinema, Theater, and Fine Art. this is going to be m Professional Blog:

  • is a free platform that provide a space for Poets to submit and showcase they poetry. My poetry are in this website:

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I am Graduated Bachelor of Art (Hons.) on Digital Film & Televsion on 17 December 2011, 12:35 pm
  • Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
    Bachelor of Art (Hons.) Digital Film & Television, 2009 - 2011
  • Radio & television Technical High school
    Animation & Cinema, 2002 - 2005
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    Intern, 2011 - 2011
  • Moj-E-Honar (Art Wave) Co.
    Intern, 2008 - 2008
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