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Aidan Blundell
Simplicity in Design. Always creative. SEO, Social Media, web design enthusiast ...
Simplicity in Design. Always creative. SEO, Social Media, web design enthusiast ...


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Running or crushed ?????????????
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All this global warming talk and the earth is only getting hotter...

If you look at the chart in this article, it is not out of the questions to see the possibility of the trend where temperatures may decrease after it peaks in the forseeable future, and repeat the cycle back into the ice age and back again... it looks similar when inverted...
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30 Social Media Content Ideas to Power Up Your New Year
What’s the hardest part about using social media for your business or organization?

For most it's consistently creating content for each of your social channels. If that's you and you often find yourself stumped, look no further than +Constant Contact's list of 30 content ideas!

Take the 30 day challenge and implement each of these ideas to improve your efforts in the New Year!

Grab the Infographic here:

Read the article:

#socialmediamarketing   #contentmarketing   #socialmediastrategy  
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This dude is seriously massive!!!
Swiftian adjective of the day – Brobdingnagian: marked by tremendous size.

Photo via Lena Headey is 5′ 5″, by the way.

#gameofthrones #themountain #lenaheadey  
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FUNDING ACHIEVED!! This is such a cool project! (Ring is a gesture based wearable, compatible with smart phones, other wearables, etc).

Now it needs to be available for me to buy, plus they need to release (after the first production wave of course) the developer kits so we can integrate it into more things! 8pen for Google Glass would be fantastic! Ring is already Google Glass compatible, so time to enhance the experience even more!

You can watch the videos about Ring on their Kickstarter page:
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Is Desktop Advertising on Its Way Out? Mobile Advertising is Projected to Still be Growing in 2017
To enlarge image:

With the slow diminish of desktop and expenses, mobile ad spending is on the rise, creating a new era of online advertising.

The below infographic created by our friends at +Vertical Measures  takes a closer look at the future of mobile advertising.

Some key stats are:

Google is the number 1 digital ad publisher in the world with 33 percent of all digital ad dollars in 2013.

Mobile advertising is projected to still be growing in 2017. From 2012 to 2017, mobile ad spending is expected to be increased 716 percent.
Search and display are the top formats in U.S. mobile ad spending and are projected to keep growing.

The U.S. net mobile ad revenues for corporations is on the rise. By 2015, Google is expected to increase their revenue to $9.29 Billion, followed by Facebook to $1.86 Billion, Pandora to $0.75 Billion, and Twitter to $0.63 Billion.

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H/t +B2C +Daniel Dannenberg


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Don't mis our Video Deal of the Week: Lean UX Workshop
By +Jeff Gothelf 
Only $34.99 (Save 50%) Use code VDWK

Lean Startup and Lean UX: Aligning business, design, and technology

Dive deep into Lean Startup and Lean UX methods with this comprehensive workshop video—and learn how to remove risk from the software development process. Recorded live in Boston in February 2014, this Lean UX Workshop provides a potent, fast-paced mix of lecture, hands-on exercises, and discussion. Download these videos or stream them through our HD player, and discover how small, cross-functional agile teams design and build software by validating assumptions throughout the process.

Instructor Jeff Gothelf delivers practical takeaways that designers, product managers, and engineers can start using immediately:

    Identify assumptions about your users and their needs
    Determine your constraints, business goals, and potential paths to success
    Translate these assumptions into testable hypotheses
    Create experiments to test your hypotheses
    Learn how MVPs (minimally viable products) and experiments work together
    Put it all together in an agile rhythm

Take a journey of discovery

Interested in building a successful collaborative approach to designing and building delightful digital products and services? This fun workshop shows you how to tackle business problems by helping you work through:

    Project visioning—How does your team provide a shared vision for the project?
    Creation of a business model/lean canvas—How do you achieve outcomes by understanding your assumptions, risks, and initial tactics?
    Persona & empathy work—Who is your user and what is the real value you can provide to them?
    Story and experiment mapping—What does the full customer experience look like? How can you test whether your ideas improve that? What will you measure?

    About the instructor

    Jeff Gothelf is a leading voice on the topics of Agile UX & Lean UX and a highly sought-after international speaker. Currently a Principal in Neo's New York City office, Jeff has led teams at TheLadders, Publicis Modem, WebTrends, Fidelity, & AOL. He and Josh Seiden wrote Lean UX, awarded the 2013 Jolt Award from Dr. Dobb's Journal as the best book of the year.

    "The Lean UX Workshop provided the missing piece for our designers to work well with our agile development teams. I'm excited about how it sets each team member on the same page before diving into implementation and ensures that we're building something our customers really want!"

    --Chip Goines, Senior Software Engineer, Harvard University
#UX   #uxdesign   #Lean   #leanux   #Oreilly   #Video  
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