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Buying backlinks for Local SEO, is it a good idea?
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Totally agree, contextual links are the key, we will need more than social media links though. You need a monthly amount of:

- web 2
- article directories
- doc sharing sites
- rss
- social bookmarking
- social media (ie. facebook / pinterest)
- blog commenting
The game is changing but those that have been playing within the rules and were smart will survive...
Totally agree, diversification is the key and not throwing all your eggs in on basket.
The key for local optimisation (if we are talking about the local box that appears in some results) from my experience is getting honest reviews and having your business consistent across the web with places that not necessarily link to your website(although that helps), but that also list your business name,contact details, address and so on in a way that is consistent and Google can see is all the same business. Having a strong main website with great backlinks will also help your local listing too though.
Have to agree something as simple as consistency can have a major impact on how much Google trusts your content.
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