Ingress is about bringing people together. People from different backgrounds. People of different customs and beliefs. Sometimes The only thing common between us ingress players is our love for ingress. But that has never been a hindrance for us to be one community. One family. The recently held MAG17 fair organized by Gamers Association of Maldives was a perfect example of this.

During MAG17, both factions came together keeping aside our differences, to achieve a common goal, to promote Ingress within the local gamers community and to expand our Ingress Maldives family. And by looking at the response we received during the fair and from ingress COMM, it is very clear that we have achieved our goal.

Events like these wouldn't have been a success without the help and support of lots of people. First of all, on behalf of the whole Ingress Maldives community, a very sincere gratitude to Gamers Association of Maldives for giving us the opportunity to participate in the fair. Secondly, a huge thanks to the whole gamers community of maldives for showing such interest and support. Also we would like to acknowledge the effort of all agents of Ingress Maldives for their support and assistance during the fair.


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