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It's a Mantis... on a Bike! - via
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It looks like a mantis motorcycle.
Rose Le
haha!!! That's just too cool, cute and creative :D I simply LOVE IT! Thanks for the share~
You're very welcome +Rose Le :) All credits to the original photographer from The Daily Telegraph of course.
Y- Fi
amaizing view
when I first saw it I thought it was a bike! looks cool
Y- Fi
Best bike rider in X-Games haha
realy it is amazing photo. All Glory Be to Allah.
Nature is grand. Wondrous and impressive in its intricacies.
It is amazing what just 4 billion years of natural selection can bring about :)
Thats awesome ( "tour de france" here i come!!!!!! )
Heh, very funny. :P
I would imagine a mantis bike on a "tour de france" with other mantis bikes as the contestants.
It is see the wheels and and the pedal!
this look lile ny sicakal is nise
that mantis is so cool it would get so much sex, except for the fact that his first mate would devour his head while he ejaculates
Phote catch of a life time. U wont see that everyday.
very nice pic...amazing creativity....
Go Battle Hopper! - Mask Rider Black
Amazing timing to get the Mantis sit on the Fern
Briliant What an amazing shot!!!!
I am a MANTIS in a human body...our land is IAPETUS.
this caught me speechless...
but it is pretty kool.
I looked at this for 5 minutes..and you know what I said? "This grasshopper had some issues"
he doesnt need a bike tech, but mother nature. thanks for the pic
Mantis wearing the Green jersey...ready for the Tour de France 2012!
That should be the next theme bike for Paul Jr. to build! Lol 
I think the MANTIS MOBILE is a cool name
Mosquitoes, gnats, earwigs, flies, and beetles... beware! You're about to be ambushed.
That mantis is boss i bet hes training for the tour de bugs
Awesome! I wonder if it will for train the buglympics!

I´ll reborn like a mantis
Ride, Mantis, ride like the wind!
and singing "I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I liiike"
is it a cricket on a leaf that looks like a bike?
lol. not really funny. didn't somebody post that already?
noooo its a harley. if u look the mantis isnt supposed to be a mantis. its part of the harley
Harley-Davidson would like this one.
ne gar
its ugly ough
The chances of snapping this photo must be once in many lifetimes
lol hes fat so he needs to loose weight lol jk
its a Mantis Bike!
What a Timing. Photograph is sometimes all about great timing & google angle.
...Its an art ..Nice man...
joi .c
its really looks like that only
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