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Your Google+ Timeline

User +Jari Huomo has created an excellent tool for displaying your google+ posts in a facebook-like timeline format using the Google API.

I just discovered this tool via +Jaana Nyström. Thank you Jaana! I would have re-shared your original post but then I couldn't show the timeline through it.

To get your google+ timeline, head on over to my timeline page at and replace my profile ID at the end of the URL with yours.

In my opinion this is the most readable display of all my G+ posts since June 2011.
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Have fun! Tool will work as longs I have my daily API calls available.
If you have a lot of posts , like over 2000, first load can take little time, so be patient :)

And thanks for the share +Ahmed Zeeshan
Thank YOU +Jari Huomo for providing us with this and for clarifying. Any plans on adding more features to the site later on?
NooOOoooOooooOoo! #TimelineIsEvil

I really dislike reading content on a duel column layout. The ping-ponging back and forth you have to do makes my eyes hurt. But more importantly it is not at all an intuitive method of consuming content.

Sure, it is pretty. But generally, anything that invokes the urge to stab kittens is a flawed design. So I really hope this design style does not become a fad.
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