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Identify ALL the people!

Here's an activity for those of us that are online on a Saturday. Try to identify the people in this picture. Re-share it so more people can play.

The ones we can identify I'll tag them on the picture. Let's see if we can get all of them. Come on let's play!
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I found Saddam Hussein at the table on the left lol
There are very few women.
Is that Bruce Lee at the back in front of the ship? :/
Wow Abraham Lincoln next to kim jon Ill on the Table
I found Che and Napoleon too :0 this picture has everyone!
Beth C
I think that's Mike Tyson in the left fore ground
good find +Beth Cassar! Tagging him in.

Whose the little girl on Einstein's right next to the chair
Einstein, Freud, Pelé, Mao, Chaplin, S. Temple, N Bonaparte, Khadafi, Mandela, Lincoln, Che Guevara, Thatcher, Hitler, Pavarotti, Charles, Gandhi
The mighty Bruce lee in front of the ship
+tita cat can you please point out some of their positions. I've found chaplin pele eintstein gandhi, hitler, che, lincoln, napoleon BUT i don't see charles, thatcher, mao, khadafi etc.
is the guy with the guitar elvis presley?? standing to the left of the table
Beth C
Is it Shirley Temple (little girl)?
Einstein, Lincoln, Mao, Gandhi, Marx (Karl not Groucho), Stalin, Lenin and Audrey Hepburn.
FIdel castro to the right of che guevara!

Mr Mijagi is the guy with the red shirt to the left of abe lincoln!

Mike tyson on the floor to the left!
Beth C
I think I spy James Dean under the pyramid on the right?
Michael Jordan sitting on the ground in the right side
I'm pretty sure that's Mao next to Lincoln and not kim jong il.
Hepburn at far left, Lenin above, a little to the centre (in his iconic pose)...gotta refind the others.
Stalin and Mao at the table.
Who is the lone woman at the table...anyone?
Marylyn Monroe is under the guy to the right of fidel castro!!

is the gut with the sheep near the table, Francisc of Asis?
Marlon Brando next to Castro and is that Yasser Arafat next to him?
So, only a handful of women, and of those, 2 are actresses and a third was a actress who grew up to become an ambassador.
Damn how did you find Bill Clinton. He's so hard to see let alone identify :D
the god father in between castro and arafat
I just noticed there is a frikking CAMEL in the picture... what the?
luciano pavarotti tu the right of arafat (like 3 persons right)
+Gonzalo Gatica perhaps that is Catherine The Great under the horse. (lewd historical rumor that was untrue) ;)
We need to identify some of the old ones with big white beards
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin > 3rd from left, top row (left arm pointing up to his left)
Ok CHALLENGE: someone find lewis caroll. I just spotted him. Don't google it or anything :D
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin > sitting at the table, just in front of Elvis Presley
the first statue on the top left corner are the satues of easter island....MOAIS
would the guy with a bottle drinking it be ernest hemingway? to the left of elvis?
Karl Heinrich Marx > sitting at the table, in front of Mozart
right of gahdi is that dutch paitner who cut of his ear.. Cant remember his name..
William Shakespeare > next to Mozart, on the left
White beard in brown dress near mother Teresa on the right side , Rabindranath tagore
Luciano Pavarotti (?) > just in front of Dubya, with his arms wide open
who is it the guy with white beard and a nail in his hand to the right of jordan? saint peter?
Vladimir Putin (?) > on the floor in the front, next to Mike Tyson
pretty sure that would be ernest hemingway to the left of the picture of elvis presley.
Bill Gates on the left top sitting with suit behind pele football player
it's not Julius Caesar, it's Dante Alighieri!
Dolly (the first cloned sheep)! :D > in between Gandhi and Van Gogh.
Enough for now, since the tagging seems to be falling behind... ;-p
Pablo Picasso, next to A. Lincoln, on the left, red shirt - it´s not Mr. Mijagi :))))
ok, the last one - Mikhail Gorbatchev, under the balcony waving hand... the old guy in yellow in the centre, with cane leading the camel - could he be moses?
i can´t resist :) Leonardo da Vinci, central table, next to Stalin. he´s looking at his vetruvian man drawing...
shiley temple next to einstein andthe monk
Is that Gangus Kahn on the far right holding the sword?
Is that Bill Clinton to the left of the boat that Bruce Lee is standing in front of?
Stalin in front of Elvis at table and to his left Da Vinci? I might be wrong there.
moses with the sheep up front . is that aristotle in the back left corner behind lenin? harry potter upper right corner next to the wall
is that confuscious on the table upside down next to moses?
Is that Nelson Mandela the one below that queue of people ?
Is that Putin sitting next to Tyson on the floor?
Karl Marx in the middle of a table bellow Mozart?
is that jakie chan above perhaps nelson mandela bellow the queue of people ?
I could not wait and I looked it up, now I know them all hahaha
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