Is it ok to redirect traffic from someone's comment thread?

+A.V. Flox from blogher has asked a very important question of g+ etiquette. She posted this a few days ago but I decided to give it a little time before re-sharing in order to reach a wider audience.

So what would your response be to Flox's question? I think it is actually great to have multiple threads of discussion for the same topic and hence trying to keep all comments in a single thread will be counter-productive.

However, if you know someone started a discussion thread for a certain topic, then instead of creating your own post for the same discussion, please try to re-share the post from the user that actually started the discussion topic.

In short, we should credit other +ers wherever necessary and at the same time encourage discussions across many different comment threads instead of trying to limit them to one thread.
Say you post about something, some piece of news that's really hot right now, and you and people who have circled you start having a lively exchange. Suddenly, someone with a much bigger following drops a comment on your thread to let you know that he or she has started a similar thread and is having a discussion there. He or she does not summarize the points being made on that thread or contribute to any of the points made on your thread. All he or she does is say "We're having the conversation here" and drop a link. Do you consider this helpful or rude and why?

I am CCing +Ahmed Zeeshan, who has written some of the best etiquette posts as they relate to Google+.
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