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The Internet Story

The internet combined with other technology has completely revolutionized the way we communicate over the past two decades both for better and for worse. Usually the benefits are highlighted but the negatives don't receive enough spotlight.

To get a glimpse of the kind of issues I am talking about, please see the very informative short film attached below. The film is really gripping and presents the dark side of the internet. After watching please read below for further discussion.

Moral of the story: Constant Vigilance!

Usually such films lead to people boycotting the web. I think that is not a solution either. There is much to be gained from being on the internet. No, the solution is proper awareness... or constant vigilance as Mad-Eye Moody would put it!

A big chunk of the internet population does not actually know how to manage themselves online. They do not know what to click and what not to click... what to get involved with and what to avoid.

It is the responsibility of parents to first educate themselves about the internet in a wholesome way and then share the knowledge with their children. For networks like google+ it is the responsibility of its community to educate other members. One example of this would be reporting suspicious profiles and then letting others know about it too.

Thank you for reading through. Looking forward to a discussion in the comments.

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