Introducing Google+'s Movie Magic Club

This network has been used in so many innovative ways. It's so great to be a part of its evolution. A few weeks back I started with my Interest Based circles. The idea was to achieve more target based sharing and introduce a way of filtering content on google+.

Today, I am very excited to announce my Movie Magic Club for Google+. Through the club I hope we all get the chance to see as many movies as possible, together on Google+.

What is the Movie Magic Club?
A few weeks back +Valentina Zamfirescu suggested starting a movie club with my Movie Maniacs circle, just like a book-reading club. I loved the idea and started working on it with Valentina, +Mitch Hayes and +Brendan James. We tested it out this weekend over a hangout and we think it's now ready to be opened to the world.

The basic idea behind the club is that all members will watch a movie each week and then discuss it together. Using google+ to implement this idea makes the club so much more dynamic and opens up many possibilities that I have yet to imagine.

How will it work?
Every week I will be posting three movie suggestions in a poll to the MMC circle members. The movie with the most +1s will be announced as the Movie of the Week. We'll have a week to watch it and then have a live hangout via Google+ on Friday to discuss the MotW. The hangout will be streamed live publicly; however, the hangout itself will only be open to members of the MMC.

The MotW and the poll for the following week will be announced during the live hangout.

How can you join?
Starting today you can request to be added to the MMC by leaving the name of your favorite movie in the comment thread below. Yes, it's that simple :) You will know you are part of the MMC circle when you begin seeing posts from me with the [MMC] header.

When will the first poll be announced?
The first poll will go live this Friday on 26th August. The poll will be announced here on the g+ stream and also posted to the About section of my profile. Please, remember you will only be able to access the poll if you're a member of the MMC circle so do remember to join.

I am looking forward to your responses and really really excited to get this going. Not sure what this will lead to but the possibilities are incredible! It's a little overwhelming thinking about the scale but together we can shape it so that MMC becomes truly global.

Ahmed Zeeshan

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