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As part of my MBA program, I recently wrote an Op-Ed on the role of corporations in modern society. The drive for sustainable development is a universal call-to-action. Are companies up for the challenge?

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Ladies and gents, I give you... BaRock Obama.


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When I'm on the internet instead of Working / Studying

#gameofthrones   #shame   #hodor2  

Just stepped out of the IMAX screening of Mad Max.

Blood-pumping action expressed as art and emotion... Whatever this movie is, it's beautiful and one big piece of nail-biting adrenaline rush. I realised at the end there was hardly any dialogue and yet there was so much expression in the long action sequences! How did Miller even make this?! 😮

Are the old Mad Max movies also this good?

Watch it in cinemas or you'll hate yourself for watching it on TV later. No, I'm serious.

#mindblown #madmax #thehypeisreal 

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Mojo was shocked to learn it's 2015 already. He'll be two years old soon.

We're now as far away from 2030 as we are from 2000.

Happy 2015!

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The Day After...

Didn't feel like coming into work today but somehow dragged myself to the office. I keep zoning out with those little smiles flashing in front of me. 

The day after the #PeshawarAttack is even worse. How can one go back to being normal after an event as horrific as this? And yet we must move on and not succumb to fear. And yet we must fight back harder with a show of strength and compassion wherever necessary.

We must follow in the footsteps of #illridewithyou and #IndiaWithPakistan .

Continuing coverage of the tragedy:

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I hate the world we live in

Today, on the morning of December 16th 2014, the Taliban entered a Children's School in Pakistan's city of Peshawar. They broke through the doors of the auditorium, threw in a grenade and opened indiscriminate fire upon students taking exams. Children, whose only crime was going to school for an education, were not even given time to scream and call out their parents' names. If this was not enough, these monsters proceeded through the school going into classrooms at random and opened fire on children hiding under their chairs or desks. These tiny souls cried, begged and screamed for mercy but received bullets through their chests in return. By one eye-witness account, a terrorist forced a group of children to surround him in the playground and then detonated his suicide bomb vest.

Today, humanity died with these children. How did it come to this? When did the world get infested with a breed of humans so inhuman that they could massacre innocent children in front of their cold waking eyes? How did we become so desensitized to acts of terrorism that 50+ children have to die for us to give a damn?

Today, I hate Pakistan and the world we live in. Look at what happened in Sydney yesterday. Look at the unbelievably high number of school shootings in the US or what goes down in Africa or Middle East every week. Imagine the number of such barbaric incidents that go unnoticed every day simply because the death toll is not high! We are not nations. We are not a global society. We are a collection of individuals driven only by personal gain and self interests. The exceptions to that horrible truth are becoming increasingly rare. We wake up, go to work, return, eat and sleep without any care or regard for our neighbors, our relatives and the community we live in. We are only concerned for the well-being of our own skin. These terrorists, these evil creatures of our time grew up next to us. Where were we when they were taught to hate? Where were we when they decided it was okay to murder children? We are all to blame, individually and collectively.

Today, I hate myself and all of us. But do you know what the sad and undeniable truth of the matter is? That you and I will have moved on from all this in two days time and we'll be back to worrying about whether our iPhone 6 Plus is bent or not. Eventually, it will take the slaughter of thousands of innocent lives in a terrorist act for us to look up again and for me to write another convenient paragraph or two from the comfort of my living room.

Yesterday, we could have done better to avoid Today.

Today, we can do better to avoid Tomorrow.

#Peshawar   #Terrorism   #Pakistan  

Coverage on the Peshawar Attack:

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The Return to Google+
How should I do it?

Google+ has been around a while and it has been quite a ride so far. I joined the network on the day it was launched as an invite-only platform. The community back then was naturally very small but that made for great content and discussions. It felt like the next big thing and it was... for a while. 

I loved it here back then because it was the community of early adopters that joined hands to help build this e-society. Unique users were flooding in by the thousands every day. They weren't sure how to shift away from Facebook or Twitter. And so began my series of article to help the growing user base of Google+. I doubt they are still relevant but the list is here for the curious readers:

Community hangouts then kicked in ushering in a different kind of mass social interaction. I used the idea to launch my Google+ Movie Magic Club( We had lots of fun for a few months choosing different movies and then watching them with strangers over hangouts.

My love for Tolkien encouraged me to announce Middle-Earth ( with google's new Community feature. It was great curating content there for fans as crazy as I was.

Eventually, however, my interest in Google+ dwindled. My bachelor days had ended and I became busy with my new life. I tried getting back into it several times over the last couple of years but I couldn't find that focus or dedication again.

I am guilty of abandoning my fantastic community of more than 500,000 G+ friends. Without them I would not have enjoy this platform as much as I did. And now I want to return to them, to you all, so we may have more good times together on the interwebz.

But how do I go about picking up from where I left? How do I begin again? What's new?


#googleplus   #socialmedia  
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