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A Cloudy Day in Kyoto

It was the peak of summer when I visited Kyoto and it was crazy hot. Good thing there were days that the clouds kinda prevented the temperatures from reaching boiling points :p The good thing about my trip is that there are a few tourists around the area. Maybe people didn't really feel like touring because of the scorching heat.
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Lovely shot! Wide angles really shine in photos like this. The red really throws an interesting aspect into the photo.

Were you there this summer? I went in July for Gion Matsuri, and yeah ... it was nasty hot!
...I know exactly how you feel because I was also there when it was crazy hot! ;)
I love days like this. And I love the colors of this photo. The gray and greens contrasted by the red. Nice!
Nice clouds and great overall look. Great that you got a day without too many crowds... It's funny that I don't get the impression that it is hot at all!
A still beautiful place remained in Kyoto.
great view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Leslie Taylor it was the first week of august :) my skin got burned for it:p

+bell bell i would if someone invites me :D

thank you for all the comments! almost reached a 100 +1s with this post... thanks again!
Looks good with those clouds :)
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