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Our first night at Shirakawa-go greeted us with some epic snow. It was already hard enough as it is shooting at night. Add some heavy snow and tourists make it almost impossible. Still, I'm glad I was able to pull out some shots like this one despite the conditions.
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Awesome shot! I hope nobody got stuck inside though. he he. ;-)
+Mark Esguerra i hope so too.. though i think the plow everyday so they could still get in or out of their houses. Thanks for the comment :)
Buen disparo, me gusta la luz, el paisaje impresionante.
hey thanks everyone! more to pics to come from shirakawa-go! :) i hope you will like it too :)
Amazing shot! Captures perfectly the amount of snow that has fallen recently in Japan :)
Congrats on making it in again. I threw my over view one into the pool but no dice. Maybe next time.
+Jason Arney thanks man. yep just keep on churning out great photos. it will hit the masses someday. I remember in Flickr, it took me more than a year to get into Explore. With your current rate of improvement, i'm sure it will be much earlier/faster than mine..
+Agustin Rafael Reyes Ah, I'm not bothered at all... just need to remember it is a matter of 1 person's tastes. The stuff he tends to select is very smooth and soft were as my typical is heavy in contrast, clean but gritty. Tastes are what they are.
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