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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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Don't know why but Flickr has been really kind to me lately. I've been racking up the views and likes even on my not so good photos. Either way it's great that I traffic.

This shot was from the forest near the Shirakoma pond in Nagano. I was able to borrow the Canon 16-35 f2.8, a lens I've been lusting for ever since I saw its gorgeous sun burst.
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Cool Point of view!
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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Something Old Something New

Seoul is ridiculously cold during winter. I don't even recall how I survived standing around in a -9 dc weather for a few hours just waiting for this road to clear up. This spot is called the Bukchon Hanok village and for me it is one of the most interesting places in the city. Forget about the palaces, they all look the same. This place has the modern meets classic feel to it.

More seoul photos here
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Next time I'm there I will have to explore Seoul more. 
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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Bluer Than Blue

The famous Blue Pond of Biei in Hokkaido, Japan taken last summer. Would love to see this covered in snow someday just like the famous Apple wallpaper.

More photos from Biei here:

#japan   #landscape  
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Wonderful colours :)
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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Hamanoura Tanada

This was a shot from my Kyushu trip a few months back. This is quite a popular place for photographers so we were already jousting for position around lunch time.  Our main goal was to simply capture the sun as it sits exactly on horizon. However, it hid behind the clouds as it was setting so this was the best we could do. 

More photos from this trip here

#japanphotography   #japan   #sunset   #sunsetphotography  
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happy new year margaret iappreciate the picture and i want to no more contact me in nairobi
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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The Fuji Glow

Wanted to climb Mt. Fuji again this year but I'm not physically prepared. So here is a re-processed shot a few years back taken near the 9th station. I'm hoping to capture this scene again soon with my current camera.

More shots from Mt. Fuji

#sunrise   #landscapesphotography   #japanphotography   #japan  
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+Agustin Rafael Reyes  さん
この写真今日のベスト写真の一枚とし て+Photo Mania Japanより選ばれた。
フォトマニアジャパンはベストトップフォトグラ ファーのひとつのページです。+BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page)+BTP Daily Highlight !の日本のページです。 
(Giovanni Piliarvu)
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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I Think Therefore I Am

My favorite tree in Biei, Hokkaido, Japan called the Philosopher's tree. We had to wake up extremely early just to catch the crazy 4am summer sunrise. 


#japan   #japanphotography   #sunrise  
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its certainly a dreamland yo!!!
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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Pretty Lady Forest

Went to a famous forest in Niigata last autumn called Bijinbayashi which roughly translates to the title of this photo. We were lucky with the weather as the sun was able to burst through the forest giving us that coveted sun rays. Without it, I think this photo would be less interesting.
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great shot
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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Rainbows and Fireworks

This is my Frankenstein attempt of the Odaiba fireworks last weekend. This is actually composed of 5 photos with 3 different compositions (apertures and focal lengths as well). Normally I would have preferred a single composition to easily stack the elements together but the other compositions each had an awesome looking fireworks. So with great effort and a bit of hair pulling, I managed to blend them together to make this scene. 

I rarely shoot fireworks so this was a good experience for me. I'll be returning to Odaiba this weekend for another attempt. Those who are interested in shooting the fireworks should come seriously early as the old folks would chain their tripods on the observation deck a few hours before the show. 

For pixel peepers, full size can be accessed here:
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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Ryuzu Falls

I've been to Nikko so many times but it's the first time I saw this waterfalls. Although it has already past its peak I still found it lovely. 

Big thanks to +Jeff Austin for taking us there and plowing through the traffic.

More shots from Nikko here:

#japan   #autumn   #nature   #nikko  
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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Shades of Red

Autumn is just around the corner and I am again excited in planing places I want to visit. However, frustration again starts to creep in as the best places for autumn in Japan are only accessible by car. As a foreigner from a 3rd world country, my attempts of getting my license converted was squashed with additional requests to provide more silly documents to authenticate my drivers license. When your interviewer doesn't even know where Manila, Philippines is, you know you are f*cked.

Despite these problems, I'm lucky to have adventurous friends who took me to awesome locations like this one. Mt. Hachimantai is probably my favorite place for autumn. The colors were just crazy despite the sulfuric smell of the nearby onsen. I plan to visit this place for the 3rd time, but without a car, more planning is required. 

More photos from Akita here

#landscape   #landscapephotography   #autumn   #japan   #japanphotography   
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happy new year nice photo contact me in nairobi
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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After Burn

Lovely sunset captured from the World Trade Center.  My friend  told me that the sun would set behind the Tokyo Tower but it hid behind the clouds as soon at it aligned. Still it was a grand view.

Please visit my 500px too :)

Original sizes can be found here

#cityscape   #cityscapephotography   #japan   #japanphotography   #longexposure  
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Waw very nice
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Agustin Rafael Reyes

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The Clash

This is one many awesome rock formations in West Izu called the Sanshirou Islands. For this one, I waited for the sun to touch the horizon but by the time I got the waves I liked, it was already halfway in. Still, I think the waves are enough to make this shot.

Original sizes and more photos from Izu here:

#japan   #seascape   #seascapephotography   #sunset   #sunsetphotography   #japanphotography  
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Love all the lines created by the surf!!
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