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Ralph Johnson: 22 years of design patterns. I thought you might find this interesting

Anyone tested this? Delphi uses cleaner wizard and a dependency analyzer. Looks really promising. 100% discount and Tokyo support

What's the point of having abstract classes in Delphi? Is there any use case? Hey, you can instantiate an abstract class just fine (no compiler error, warning, nor hint). You can even USE such object just fine

Yes, I know, the docs:

Note: Delphi allows instantiating a class declared abstract, for backward compatibility, but this feature should not be used anymore.

So, Delphi got this new feature called abstract classes on Delphi 7. That was in 2002 IIRC. So fifteen years later all we got is a just a highlighted keyword?

I'm completely shocked

/rant off

Hello guys.

Anyone knows how to disable predictive text for a given memo/edit on Android?

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Call for help! Contact Jan Barendregt on the official forums ASAP.
This is the contents of the post by Jan:

Hi all,

I have developed several software products, which are mostly available for free ( Three of these are Excel for Windows add-ins, using the C-interface of Excel. One is a Monte Carlo simulation program (Ersatz), one a meta-analysis program (MetaXL), and one a bunch of handy functions such as integration (EpigearXL). All interface with Excel using one general unit, and one specific one that defines the particular functions in that package. The library is compatible with Excel pre-2007, and with Excel 2007+, both 32 and 64 bit (Excel 2010+). I use Delphi 7, XE2 and XE7. The software is stable, but Microsoft has this habit of upgrading Excel and often that means that my stuff may have to be adapted because of some non-documented change in the internals of Excel. The software is mostly being used in research environments (universities), both students and staff, because it is either free (MetaXL, EpigearXL) or cheap (Ersatz).
So what is my problem? I have been diagnosed with cancer for which no curative treatment is available, and I won't be around much longer (months rather than years, I reckon). The users (and I) would like the software to remain available, and upgraded as necessary and/or desirable. The problem is that I don't know a single person able to handle the technical stuff: interfacing with the C-API of Excel is a bit of a black art, especially when using Object Pascal. So my questions are "are there people around who would like to take this on?" and "what format would this need: open source or something like that?".

I'd appreciate opinions, offers, ideas, anything that might help.

Jan Barendregt

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Tip: Una sola consulta SQL, muchos motores... muchas particularidades ¿Cómo afrontar esto?

¿Cómo ejecutarías una sentencia SQL en varios motores usando un mismo TFDQuery, cuando además esa sentencia tiene particularidades de utilización en cada motor… precisamente en lo que necesitamos hacer para obtener el resultado esperado?

Por ejemplo: La clausula Limit funciona muy bien en SQLite, MySQL y PostGreSQL… sin embargo en Interbase y FireBird se llama First o Row (Aunque row no se comporta igual), en SQLServer se llama TOP y en Oracle hay que jugar con una especie de “campo oculto” llamado rownum… la siguiente tabla ilustra lo dicho en este párrafo, para que se vea la magnitud de la diferencia en el ejemplo expuesto...

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Two new JSON units added on Tokyo release: System.JSON.Serializers and System.JSON.Converters. There is no documentation, they aren't even mentioned on the "What's new on Tokyo". What are these new units for? I have Starter (no source code)

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Best Database Article of November 2016
Vadim Loboda - How to Save Object Graph in Master-Detail Relationship with One Stored Procedure

Runner Up
Bob Crowley - Input, Output and Input/Output SqlParameter Behavior Explained
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