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Agung Pambudi
You never know how close you are.. Never give up on your dreams!
You never know how close you are.. Never give up on your dreams!


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Error: Can’t find Python executable “python”

Solution :

Npm (node package manager) uses build system called gyp, that runs some python scripts. It would be hard to find linux machine without python, but Windows folks often don’t have it, because they don’t need it. Me including. So install python first! They say 2.7 is good choice for gyp. And after that, add PYTHON env variable that points to your python catalog
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Converting DatetTime from and to Custom String format

Converting from String to DateTime

Using Convert.ToDateTime method might give you the error 'String was not recognized as a valid DateTime'.
Following code for example will result in an error:

DateTime dt = Convert.ToDateTime("20100228");

You can simply do the conversion by defining the dateTime format yourself as follows:

DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact("20100228", "yyyyMMdd", new System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo())

Converting from DateTime to String

To convert a DateTime to String is even easier, just use following code:

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"String was not recognized as a valid DateTime"


I searched in google and find that use ParseExact rather than Parse to convert the date time 

the ParseExact method can be used with the required custom format as shown below:
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string dateString =@"20/05/2012";
DateTime date3 = DateTime.ParseExact(dateString,@"d/M/yyyy", 
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bower ENOGIT        git is not installed or not in the PATH


Bower must be installed globally using npm

Bower version:

$ bower --version

Try to unzip a portable Git in a simpler path (no space).
Take the latest one from git for Windows:

Remove from your PATH the old msysgit, and add C:\path\to\PortableGit-\bin to the %PATH%
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Problems running IIS http://localhost page not found error


Try using run cmd as Admin, then type iisreset
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How to Set IIS 7 to listen to different port than 80


From the IIS management console, select Default Web Site. On the right-hand side, click the Edit Bindings link and in the subsequent dialog, change the default port binding as desired.
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List user in IIS_Manager

'IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool'

ASP.NET v4.0
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Security context: IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool or Login failed for user 'IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool


You can change the ApplicationPoolIdentity from IIS7 -> Application Pools -> Advanced Settings. 

Under Advanced Settings, find Identity and choose LocalService as the Built-in account (or LocalSystem if that's the option you've got):
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Global Install

If you would like to run Browsersync from the command line in any directory, it can be installed globally with the following command.

$ npm install -g browser-sync


Local Install

This is the prefered way to use Browsersync - installing it locally to each project. This way the dependency can be added to your package.json file and everyone on your team.

$ npm install browser-sync --save-dev


Having trouble installing Browsersync on Windows? The most common reason for npm to throw errors when compiling Browsersync is that some of the dependencies (e.g. node-gyp need Visual C++ runtime libraries.

The way to resolve this is to install Visual Studio. At the time of this writing (Feb 2015) the compilation works fine with Visual Studio 2013 Update 4. You can then tell npm which version of Visual Studio you are using by the following command:

npm install -g browser-sync --msvs_version=2013

After installation of Visual Studio npm should not throw errors any longer, but only issue warnings. As far as we can tell, they do not impact Browsersync.


Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop
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