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Honey today we will talk of the fruit of one of the major agricultural activities of our company Beekeeping.
Properties and Benefits

It is a sweet substance produced by bees for nectar processing, its color and characteristics vary depending on the flowers from which nectar. The nectar and other sugary substances are sucked by the bees through the esophagus and thus arrive in the “bag supers.” Here, the nectar and other sugary substances are dried and subjected to the action of enzymes produced by bees and honey, which is further processed into regurgitated in cells previously prepared. The quality of honey depends only on two factors: from the bees to produce it and the procedure to extract human and “packaging”.

Honey stored by bees in the cells, is extracted by centrifugation, left to settle for a few days and then placed in jars. These are the only processes that cause the honey keeps intact its properties and characteristics. All honeys are originally liquid, but with the temperature drop many of them crystallize and become solid. To get them to return to the liquid is sufficiently heated in water bath at a temperature not exceeding 40 °.

Chemical Composition

Honey is composed primarily of water, sugar (fructose and glucose, maltose), acids, proteins, minerals (mainly iron, calcium and phosphorus), substances and aromas of flowers, including pigments (chlorophyll derivatives), tannins, phosphate and vitamins. Honey is composed almost exclusively of sugar and is very important, as constituted, the high concentration of fructose because fructose is 100% a product derived from nature, without any intervention by man.

Healing Properties and Benefits of Honey

It is particularly recommended in the diet given to children, favoring the establishment of mineral salts in the human body, which is the normal sugar is not capable of doing. There are many therapeutic properties of honey vary depending on the nectar of flowers with which it was produced. In general, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory by the throat and has sedative effects against the nervous excitement and insomnia.

Wildflower honey is known for its detoxification in the liver, while the chestnut honey promotes blood circulation and disinfectant for the urinary tract, for these reasons, it is recommended for children and the elderly. Interesting properties of sunflower honey which performs an action against the cholesterol in the human body as well as having an action calcific bones. Honey juniper instead, offers us a valuable aid in the respiratory and the dandelion has purifying action, especially on the kidneys. According to recent studies, the honey provides the body of essential substances such as potassium, fructose and sodium that are used to recover after a night of “debauchery.”

The Main Types of Honey

As we wrote in early types of honey are many and with different characteristics, which vary depending on the nectar which the bees produce, in the table below I’ve outlined the main types from our production:


Wildflower honey—Honey of a thousand flowers


Lime Tree

Calories of Honey

Each 100 gr. honey we have a supply of about 300 calories, and these can be used immediately after ingestion, as it is not required prior digestion.

For this reason, those who practice sport usually consume honey before and during and after a competition or sport.

Among its properties honey strengthens muscles, increases endurance and promotes recovery. Its assimilation requires no effort on our part because it is a food predigested by the bees and even enriched by some of their enzymes very important for assimilation. Those who suffer from digestive disorders can easily replace sugar with honey and enjoy the benefits resulting from this operation.

Honey and Cheese

One of the classic combinations of honey is the one with the cheese as we all know the cheese is a food that is absolutely devoid of sugars and then countered with honey that is composed, as we have seen, mostly sugar. It is for this reason that the combination of these two foods, it creates a balance of taste.

The criterion that is used for matching is to combine a sweet honey to spicy cheese, or a honey of a bitter little tasty cheese.

Please if you like taste our honey in our Bed and Breakfast follow this link Book Now
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New lambs in the sheep time 😊
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Parcheggio Gratuito per i clienti dell'agriturismo.

All’interno della struttura Agriturismo Il Talento Nella Quiete vi sono situati i parcheggi per i clienti . Tutti gli ospiti potranno così in massima sicurezza parcheggiare la loro autovettura nel parcheggio gratuito all'aperto. Il parcheggio ha una pavimentazione in ghiaia ed erba, si trova adiacente al casale in pietra che ospita l'agriturismo. Dal parcheggio si accede alla struttura sempre percorrendo uno spiazzo piano in ghiaia e attraverso una salita sempre in ghiaia si accede alle camere dell'agriturismo. Esse restano indipendenti dalla reception e dalla zona colazioni, così da garantire l'opportunità dei rientri serali svincolati da orari fissi. Infatti i clienti dell'agriturismo durante il check-in riceveranno un mazzo di chiavi dove troveranno oltre alla chiave della camera anche la chiave del cancello. Da quest'ultimo si accede al parcheggio dell'agriturismo e direttamente da qui si accede alla propria stanza senza limitazioni nell'orario. Il parcheggio non è adatto ai caravan molto grossi.


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Il #LagodiComo oggi visto dalla Valle Intelvi.
Agriturismo Il Talento nella Quiete via al fareè 16 22023 Castiglione d'Intelvi Como

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In our agriturismo bed and breakfast you can book one of wonderful and convenient opportunity to live the flight experience over Lake Como.
Every one of the take-offs is directed South (with the alternatives from East to West) and so they are privileged views of Lake Como. With each flight you will find wonderful landscapes, characterized by a continuos contrast between the deep blue of the water, the changing colours of woods and the white of the Alpine peaks.
The usual take-offs do not have high altitude (about 1.000 - 1.250m amsl), therefore they are easily reachable by car or thanks to a shuttle service. info

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Tour guidati in mountain bike sul lago di Como.
Nel nostro agriturismo bed and breakfast si può approfittare dei Tour guidati in mountain bike sul lago di Como. Vivi emozionanti avventure in mountain …

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Mountain Bike Guided tours on Lake Como Lombardy
Live emotional adventures and unforgettable moments with your mountain bike. Discover the most suggestive spots on Lake Como with the professional guides of Intelvi …

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B&B Farm does everything possible to make you feel like family.Here you will find us with our staff that try to feel you at home.Free Wi-Fi , parking, homemade food, great breakfast?
Agriturismo Il Talento Nella Quiete via al Fareè 16 22023 Castiglione d'Intelvi Como
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