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Real estate marketing made easy.
Real estate marketing made easy.


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Avoid these Online Lead Generation Mistakes -

The rise of the #internet  and email marketing has fundamentally and forever changes real estate. Almost every single agent now gleans a large amount of their leads through online sources.

And while this technology has undoubtedly made it easier to reach more people and gather more leads, you might be committing some cardinal sins and not even know it.

Thankfully, the pros at Inman have you covered with their nine biggest online lead gen mistakes you should avoid. Here's a sample:

Talking to potential clients like they’re all the same: This is the biggest mistake real estate agents are making but unfortunately, most agents don’t know it.

We tend to focus on one (or two) target audiences. Sellers or buyers. That’s it. We lump everyone into one of those two categories, and then we run ads expecting them to resonate with these two target groups.

Here’s the problem. No two sellers are the same. Some are selling their last home, others their first. Then there are those putting their vacation or second home on the market, or hoping to sell a rental home.

Click below to read the rest!

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Make Your Real Estate Life Easier -

Ask any #realestate agent, or for that matter, any business owner, and they will all tell you the same thing.

You can't put a price tag on real, positive word-of-mouth advertising. And more so than almost any industry, it's absolutely critical in real estate, where things are still very much handshake style and getting referrals based upon who you know.

As such, it behooves agents to go the extra mile for their clients to get those positive referrals.

What better way to get said referrals than by giving each and every one of your sellers a great-looking dedicated website for their home? That's what Agent Squared is built for, and the best part is that you can do it for each of your properties with a single click.

Learn how you can start today at the link above.

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Advice for Rookie Real Estate Agents -

New to the #realestate  game? If you're finding it a bit overwhelming, don't worry - you're not alone.

Depending on what your previous profession was, adjusting to a life in real estate can seem a bit hectic. In the hopes of helping any green agents out there looking for their footing, we figured we'd share this article from the folks at +Veterans United with five great tips for new agents. Like this one:

Tip #1: Be Kind - Real estate is a service industry. Agents are constantly in service to their buyers, sellers and fellow agents. That means agents must possess the following:

Good listening skills

Ability to work well with others


Solid work ethic

The takeaway? Inconsiderate, antisocial mavericks need not apply. If you’re not prepared to put the needs of others first on frequent occasion (which could mean answering the phone at 2 a.m., helping your clients move or counseling sellers through a tough time), real estate may not be the field for you.

Take a look at the rest via the link above!

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image via +Flickr user GotCredit
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Leave it to +National Geographic to put together an incredible #memorialday  photo slideshow. Hope you all had a great #memorialdayweekend  and had a chance to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday!

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In case you missed it...

Even The Most Beautiful Homes Need to Be Marketed -

There's no denying that when it comes to the #realestate market, some homes are easier to sell than others.

Perhaps they're just stunningly gorgeous as the one pictured here, or maybe it's just a case of the perfectly matched home for just the right buyer.

But even the so-called "slam-dunk homes" need to be promoted and marketed by you as the real estate agent. And that's exactly where #agentsquared can be a HUGE help.

Click the link above to see how we can make your life as an agent easier!

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Happy Friday, Fellow Real Estate Agents -

While many of our friends #work  a semi-regular, Monday-Friday, 9-5 style job, those constraints of time don't really apply to us in real estate.

We often have to cater our schedules to our clients, so that means a lot of evenings, nights, and weekends aren't truly off for us. That, plus the fact that you should (almost) always be available to your clients by email, text, or cell phone, doesn't allow you to truly check out on Fridays like some of your friends and families in other professions.

But hey - this weekend is a holiday with #memorialday  so many clients will be enjoying it as well. So +Agent Squared hopes you have a relatively work free three-day weekend! You deserve it.

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Let Your MLS Know You Want...Nay, NEED AgentSquared! -

We're extremely proud of the #realestatemarketing  platform we've created with +Agent Squared - Instant IDX websites, single property websites created with a single click, automatic social media posts...we could go on and on.

But if you're an agent who wants to take advantage of this groundbreaking and disruptive solution that will boos your commissions and save you eons of time, you have to get your local MLS to sign up!

#agentsquared  integrates directly to your MLS, meaning you can create websites for each and every one of your listings by logging into your listing service, selecting a property, and creating a mobile friendly, responsive site for it.

Learn more at the link above, and tell your MLS to get started today!

#realestate   #MLS   #realestateagent   #realestatetips  
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Agent Squared - Automated Single Property Websites and Social Media Marketing -

Hello, Real Estate #googleplus community members! We are Agent Squared and wanted to introduce ourselves.

We provide real estate agents with an automated yet powerful marketing solution to getting your listings seen. With just a few clicks, you can turn your MLS listing into a gorgeous single property listing with its own unique URL to promote.

And single-click social media posts to Facebook, +Google+, +LinkedIn and +Twitter add SEO benefits that make getting traffic to your new website and listing easier than ever.

Click below to learn more about just how simple it is to double your commissions with Agent Squared - and let us know if you have any questions!

#realestate #realestateagent #realestatetips #realestatemarketing #socialmedia

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Another Fantastic AgentSquared Site -

It helps when your #realestate  listing features a beautiful home like this one in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, but the +Agent Squared system can make just about any listing shine through.

That's because the websites that #agentsquared  creates - in just a single click, mind you - work on a wide variety of screen sizes, including tablets, phones, and desktop computers. That means no matter who is looking at your listing, no matter what device, all those pictures and design elements will look great.

But enough from us - check it out for yourself by clicking below!

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1870 Peaceful Way
1870 Peaceful Way
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