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NBC San Diego recently published a report on InjureFree and it's use in San Diego schools.  Check it out!

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The California
Interscholastic Federation (CIF) is the governing body for all high school  sports in the state.  Every state has
their own version of CIF, established to maintain oversight while “ promoting
equity, quality, character and academic developmen...

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Athletic Trainers For Everyone!
a fact:  Having an athletic trainer at athletic practices and games
improves the medical care athletes receive. While
our InjureFree software is currently gathering statistical data to support this concept,
let’s discuss the empirical evidence. #1
- AT...

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ADD and Heatstroke: What Every Coach Should Know
Heat stroke deaths are preventable.  No question.  Enough is known about the human body to identify the signs of these events. So why do they continue to occur? Exertional Heat Stroke , or heat stroke , occurs when a person’s internal temperature reaches le...

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Founder’s notes:
At Injurefree, we believe a vigorous discussion on
youth sports injuries, like most subjects, improves understanding for all, and that
informed participation leads to a healthier future. In that light, we wanted to put the discussion into
context. Over the ...

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Great Infographic for Kids!
Eat a healthy, clean and balanced diet to make the most out of your gains!

#Health   #Diet   #Fitness   #Workout   #EatClean  
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