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”Unit Test Support in Gradle, the new Android Testing Support Library 0.2, Espresso 2.1, JUnit4…everyone talks of testing in 2015 ! We will review what is new and what is coming from Google. Happy Testing!”

Following the release of the Android testing support library 0.2 and Espresso-Intents yesterday[0], i want to share the slides for my "What’s new in Android Testing"[1] talk, which i gave at +Droidcon Italy.

It was such an amazing event with so many passionate developers and amazing sessions! Hope to see all of you again very soon! Enjoy and keep on testing.

If you are in Madrid for +Droidcon Spain (June 23rd -25th)[2], please make sure you check out the talk from +Jose Alcérreca on “What’s new in Android Testing”.

#androidTesting #androidDev #happyTesting


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I certainly hope that their business model is to get bought by google so that it becomes part of the official toolchain.

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Still open issue after 2 years.

+Alex Ruiz  +Tor Norbye  Any hope for this one?


Facebook plugin doesn't support conversation muting.

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An excellent presentation of the various animation APIs in Android Lollipop

Watching +Lisa Wray  talk about Android Wear at #AndroidTO!! So many things to ask!

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What do you do after leaving work at midnight the night before?

Go to an Android conference! #AndroidTO
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Do I have Lollipop? Well of course I have lollipop! What kind of ridiculous question is that?!

#Android   #Lollipop  

There is no failure, only learning from mistakes and trying again.

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A wonderful and beautifully shot story about one of the most revolutionary design tools in the history of graphic design. #design
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