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Encouraging Poets 1 to 21


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1 Good Reason to Take a Break from Marketing

Sounds crazy, right? Let me explain myself.

The dreaded writer's block can take a toll for any length of time. It could last for a day or maybe a few. For some, it can last a few weeks. The first time I truly experienced writer's block, I went into a panic. It lasted for seven dreadful months. D-R-E-A-D-F-U-L. I frantically wrote to my dear writer friend, who reassured me that I needed to stay calm. Writer's block passes. When it finally did, it did with a BANG. I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote plenty more for quite a while.

This year, I went through another long stretch without the ability to write anything more than grocery lists, to-do lists, brief emails to friends, text messages and emails to work mates. I prepared a very small number of posts for my blog for young writers. And all they consisted of were a few YouTube links to be used as writing prompts. I couldn't do more and this lasted for EIGHT MONTHS.

This really started to get on my nerves once I started to feel the emotional need to vent my deeper darker feelings.  Finally, only about a week ago, the wall came down, the block was shattered, the permafrost thawed. What a relief! I have another dear friend to thank for that.

In fact, I have that dear friend to thank for the reason I plan to take a short break from marketing my books. After our conversation, where I poured out my soul over chat, the idea for my next book took form right before my eyes. I could see the cover artwork, the title, the concept for several of the poems and they all began to come together in this CRASH/SPLASH/MASH of mental commotion.

I then looked at what new poems I have in my archives for the year and realized that I don't have very many pieces for a new collection. Eesh. So that's when I decided. Instead of wasting my energies (I feel it's a waste at the moment) tweeting my brains out about my last book, which only sells well when I do speaking/signing events, I need to focus my attention and emotions on working on this new project, my next book.

As I move forward with this new book, I may pop in to report how it's going, what the inspiration behind it has been, what problems I am experiencing and, hopefully, how much I'm enjoying it.

For the moment, I will tell you that it will be dedicated to my former roommate, Kelly, who passed away after a short but very intense battle with leukemia. Her death has left a mark on my life that I am unable to ignore, but her determination and God-given strength have made an even deeper impression on me. As any writer knows, the best way to deal with a loss this great is to "write it out", put it into words that release the pain and make others feel understood.

That is my hope and that is my reason for taking a break from promoting my earlier publications.

In the meantime, feel free to visit my Facebook page (and Like it) and sign up by email to That way, any news will land in your inbox right away. I actually could use some more likes on my FB page, so if you're feeling generous, please click away!
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