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Affordable Window Tint & Glass Protection
Affordable pricing, High performance lifetime warranty film, friendly mobile service.
Affordable pricing, High performance lifetime warranty film, friendly mobile service.


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Tips to Spot Shady Window Tinters:

Listen to what they say on the phone. If they talk in vague terms, i.e; won’t say what kind of film they use and provide website to go to, then they are either on the take or don’t know their business, BEWARE.

BEWARE of low ball prices. These low prices generally indicate the use of a straight dyed, 1 ply, not a High Performance 2 ply, product from a major film manufactuer. From a Major manufacturer these straight dyed films usually/should come with ONLY a 3-5 Year Warranty. Should a product made in China or South America, I call it OOCC, Out Of Country Crap, be used it WILL GO BAD!!!, Bubbling, Orange Peel effect, Fading, and/or Color Change = Purple Windows in JUST 1 YEAR or LESS! BEWARE! Your vehicle WILL look like a Mexican Taxi Cab! YOU Deserve Better!!!

There are fools out there putting junk out of country film in major manufacturer's boxes, so make sure you are getting what they claim to be selling. If they do not fill out a warranty card from the manufacturer and provide a receipt to go with it, don't do it!!!

Make sure the box has the major film company’s name and logo. Look to see that the information, film description, roll number, etc is on the end of the box. Also make sure the sticker on the inside of the film tube has the same information as on the end of the box. Again some places and services put the wrong garbage film in good film company’s boxes to fool the customer.

Ask to see the warranty card from the major manufacturer. If they do not have one, BEWARE. Do not accept a receipt that only says something like Full Tint Lifetime Warranty… The receipt should have the year make and model of the vehicle with the last 6 digits of the vehicle vin number… They should also write the film description and the roll number on the receipt as well…

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Affordable Window Tint 813-403-1478
Tampa Bay Business Journal recently showcased Madico's product line in a second article about the company, published on April 27, 2018. We wanted to share the link with those of you who subscribe to TBBJ, so you can read the full story.

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Thanks AGRR Magazine for naming ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film by Madico as the “best new product”!

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You can increase your potential for energy savings by harnessing the power of renewable energy! Learn about the distinct types of renewable energy and how they work.

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Window Tint aka Solar Film has so many advantages and benefits making it a phenomenal investment for your auto, biz, home, H/E, and/or Vessel. 813-403-1478
Installing window film on your commercial buildings is a fantastic way to lower energy costs. Madico's window films can help keep out up to 86% of the sun's heat, while also helping your interior retain heat in the winter. Visit our website to find out more.

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Window Tint aka Solar Film works in many ways making it an awesome investment. 813-403-1478

Every time you drive, or sit by a window at home, you and your family may be suffering continual skin damage from the sun. The most effective and affordable safeguard against UV damage is window film. Protect the ones you love, at home and on the road.

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Window Tint Film blocks 99% of the UV rays which is only one of it's advantages and benefits. You don't need sunscreen indoors when you have professionally installed window film. Think about sun-safety all the time, because UV rays penetrate ordinary glass.
Affordable Window Tint & Glass Protection 813.403.1478

Tampa Bay, window tint film works in many ways.
Don't hide your beautiful windows behind some blinds, turn them into art! Here's some inspiration from Sunglass Tint Specialists who used our Duralite 20 with Winter Morning decorative film on a recent install. Happy #WindowFilmWednesday!

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Tampa Bay, Window Tint Film works, here is how.

Affordable Window Tint & Glass Protection 813.403.1478

9 Benefits of installing window tint film on your home or office.

Homeowners seek the benefits of window tinting on a daily basis, whether they realize it or not. Some close the blinds during the day to prevent the sun’s heat, harmful UV rays or glare; others turn down the air conditioner, despite comfort, to prevent a high energy bill. These concerns are among reasons homeowners consider investing in the professional installation of window tinting film.

Residential window tinting films offer a myriad of benefits—from energy savings, to safety, to UV protection, to decorative enhancements—and professional window tinting installation companies are able to match each client with the best film to address his or her needs.

Not only an aesthetics-minded choice, window tinting film offers these sought-after benefits.

1. Energy Efficiency
One of the most influential reasons to invest in residential window tinting is for the long-term savings on your home’s energy bill. With regular glass windows, the heat from the sun dramatically rises the temperature inside the home. By installing window tinting film, your home’s heating and cooling bill reflects a decrease in price of up to 30 percent, benefiting both your wallet and the environment.

2. Consistent Climate
When the heat from the sun is reduced, your home becomes much more temperature-consistent from room to room. In a home without window tinting film, rooms are often of inconsistent temperatures due to the beating sun penetrating through the windows, despite your thermostat’s setting. Window tinting film helps create an even temperature throughout the home all day long—meaning no more unintentional “sun” rooms.

3. Glare Reduction
Window tinting film reflects the heat from the sun as well as the glare. Glare through traditional windows can have an impact on your productivity and comfort levels when working on your computer, watching television, reading, cooking, and doing other household activities and chores. In a window-tinted home, the glare is reflected, so you can continue cleaning the floors or watching your favorite show without the interruption from the sun’s glare.

4. Protection from the Sun
Believe it or not, one can sunburn while sitting on the couch if close enough to a window with the sun shining through. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV radiation is the leading cause of non-melanoma skin cancers and a frequent factor in cases of melanoma. Window tinting film reduces 99 percent of ultraviolet (UV) rays and, therefore, protects you and your family when inside the home.

5. Increased Security
An additional measure of protection provided by window tinting film is its ability to deter or slow down an unwanted intruder. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were more than 2.1 million burglaries in 2010 in the United States. Forcible entry accounted for 60.5 percent of those cases. Safety film that is installed to the interior and exterior of the window and properly anchored by a certified specialist is able to hold the glass in place longer when an intruder tries to gain entry by breaking through it. Since most window tinting specialists offer several variations of film options—prioritizing safety, energy savings, decorative desires—it’s important to discuss safety concerns during your consultation. The type of window film you opt for could mean the difference between an intruder gaining access to your home 20 seconds slower than through a typical window, two minutes slower or possibly not at all.

6. Safety from Glass Breakage
Whether a window is broken by an attempted burglary, severe weather, a natural disaster or simply by a well-aimed baseball, window tinting films are able to hold the glass together so that it doesn’t shatter and spread across the room. This extra safety benefit keeps you and your family more protected from glass-related injuries.

7. Easy Maintenance
Window tinting film is water resistant and a scratch-resistant coating is available, making your home’s windows just as easy—if not easier—to clean. Different types of tinting films may require different cleaning agents, so be sure to get the recommended instructions from your installation service. And the type of window tinting film you opt for will determine how often cleaning is needed.

8. Added Privacy
An element of privacy from the outside world, especially when your home is located in a busy area or has a significant number of windows, can be achieved with window tinting film. The privacy of window tinting film is a desired comfort for many, giving you peace of mind that a passerby is not able to peer in and see you and your family.

9. Curb Appeal
During a new-build or renovation project, window tinting film should be a topic of discussion when considering improvements for the curb appeal of the property. Solar and decorative films add a sleek look to the outside of your home and are often a key benefit for those interested in the product. Window tinting provides a myriad of benefits, but yes, they are indeed aesthetically pleasing as well.
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