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Residential Estate Security Systems – Are you protected?

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Business Phone Service – Choose Wisely
Choosing the right phone systems for your business is as important as choosing the right employees. The telephone is the primary tool for you to communicate with your clients and them with you. Have the right phone system is not only about the features and the reliable, but also the cost.
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Exploring the ‘Ins And Outs’ Of Business VoIP Phone Systems

The rapid adoption of business VoIP phone systems has been necessitated by many factors, with lower telephony costs being at the forefront. VoIP offers many other benefits over traditional telephone systems including flexibility, scalability, and advanced functionality. Read Full Article

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If you are a small business owner and still using a traditional phone system, it's time to realize the amazing benefits of VoIP telephone systems. Click the link below to learn more!

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How Does Bandwidth Affect Your Voice Over IP Experience?

IP phone systems for small businesses have changed the way everyone communicates. These systems reduce costs, increase productivity, and offer several new and innovative features, such as video chat. Instead of having to run additional phone lines, IP phone systems for small businesses only require a high speed Internet connection. With all of the amazing benefits of IP phone systems, it's important you understand how bandwidth can affect your experience.

What Is Bandwidth? 
Bandwidth reflects the amount of data transferred over an Internet connection each second. Bandwidth is measured in bits per second, and the majority of connections have a scale of megabits per second. Before you choose one Internet provider over the other, it's important to make sure you understand its specified maximum bandwidth. If the quality of your phone calls over your IP phone system in Ventura is suffering, it could be the bandwidth or other factors that combine to limit the bandwidth for your phone. 

Downstream and Upstream Bandwidth
Anytime your computer, phone, or other system accesses the Internet, information flows to and from the device. When data flows from the device, it's called upstream. When data flows to the device, it's called downstream. In most cases, more data is flowing to the device, which is why the majority of Internet providers prioritize downstream bandwidth. However, several VoIP calls, video chats, large data transfers, and remote access require much more upstream bandwidth. If your IP phone is suffering from low quality, you may want to increase your upstream bandwidth. 

For more information about IP phone systems for small business in the Ventura area, contact Affordable Telephone Systems. We can provide just the right phone system at the right price with excellent support.
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Enjoy the Benefits of Structured Cabling 

Most businesses have several departments that all have different responsibilities. These departments must have excellent intercommunication to keep business running smoothly. However, not every department has the same technological needs and departments commonly move to best accommodate the changing needs of the business. Instead of having to constantly rewire the building, structured data cabling is the premier solution. Structured data cabling is a set of connectivity and cabling products that effectively integrates the voice, video, data, and other management systems of your building, such as security access, energy systems and safety alarms. Continue reading to learn a few of the top benefits of structured data cabling. 

Superior Flexibility
Instead of having several different wiring systems, structured data cabling offers a single unified infrastructure that carries data in any format. Whether you want to connect your phone for VoIP, PC, or fax machine, simply plug in the appropriate adapter, and you are ready to go. 

Built for the Future 
With amazing ability to accommodate a high bandwidth, structured data cabling means you will be able to support future emerging applications. You can rest assured that your infrastructure will not be outdated in a few years. 

Simple and Inexpensive Moving Ability
When you invest in structured data cabling in Austin, moving is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Whether you are moving an entire department, changing floors, or simply changing desks; structured cabling allows you to quickly get plugged in and back to work. As a result of this ease of moving, you will save money and time. 

Easier Management
It makes much more sense to invest in a single structured data cabling in Austin. In addition to costing less than multiple phone and cable networks, this system is easier to manage. 

For more information on structured data cabling in the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Malibu areas, call Affordable Telephone Systems today!

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Why Should Businesses Switch to VOIP Phone Systems?

Voice over IP (VoIP) systems have become more and more common in both residential and commercial locales. These communication systems are the natural evolution and conflation of Internet, cellular and old-style land line phones. Even with the advent of mobile devices that have almost replaced the old land line style phones, many business and commercial operations have not made the jump. There are many reasons why a business should adopt VoIP communications systems to the operations.

VoIP equipment has come quite a long way in a short time. When the first VoIP style phone systems hit the market around 1998, they seemed like a futuristic technology straight out of Dick Tracy. Today, VoIP systems have streamlined the hardware. One solid reason for a mid to large sized business to adopt VoIP technology is the hardware takes up a smaller footprint that prior equipment, and yet still delivers superior communication technology such as improved messaging, interfacing with company mobile devices when away from the office and clarity of sound. This means happier client and employees, with fewer dropped calls and risks to quality.

It stands without saying that the business's bottom line is the make or break requisite for business success. VoIP services are much cheaper than traditional land lines, particularly where overseas and long distance calling is concerned. When a full commercial system's cost is measured against traditional land lines, superior savings are found with the VoIP communications set-ups. This is one very clear cut area where tremendous savings and business benefits can be found with little effort.
When the ease and savings of VoIP are vetted and examined it becomes apparent that the benefits far outweigh any concerns with VoIP phone service. Businesses that use VoIP save money and improve a company's bottom line. Call Affordable Telephone today for more information on VoIP phone systems.

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Voice over IP Telephone Systems - Advantages and Disadvantages

Today, VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone systems have revolutionized the way small businesses operate in Ventura. However, each time a new technology emerges with its own set of advantages over the previous system; it presents a new set of drawbacks. Continue reading to learn more about both sides of the coin for IP phone systems for small businesses in Ventura.

*Advantages of VoIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses in Ventura
Low Cost*

VoIP phone systems are cheaper because you only need one network to carry both voice and data. All you technically need to utilize a VoIP phone system for a small business in Ventura is a broadband Internet connection. VoIP systems typically do not require any additional costs or wiring.

Another major advantage of VoIP phone systems for small businesses in Ventura is that these systems are not location or distance dependent. At the same time, your VoIP phone number or virtual number can go with you wherever you go.

Bonus Features
While normal phone service typically charges for additional features, VoIP comes with a bevy of features, such as :
• Call waiting
• Voicemail
• Caller ID
• Call forwarding
• 3-Way calling
In addition, VoIP phones offer several other services like video conversations, messaging, audio conferences, and simplicity in managing phone books.

Disadvantages of VoIP Phone Systems in Ventura

Power Outages
While regular phones will keep service during power outages, an IP phone system for a small business in Ventura loses all functionality when the power goes out.

Because VoIP systems rely on the Internet, the quality of calls may suffer if your connection is limited or if the network is congested.

The biggest issues associated with VoIP systems are security related, such as:
• Identity theft
• Service theft
• Viruses
• Denial of service
• Malware
• Spamming
• Phishing attack
• Call tampering
To get your IP phone system or more information about VoIP options, call Ventura’s best, Affordable Telephone.

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Securing Voice Over IP Phone Systems

A voice over IP (VoIP) phone system optimizes the cost of your small business' phone system while making it more portable and flexible than ever. However, being an internet-based system exposes it to several vulnerabilities. Here is how you secure your VOIP phone system from these issues:

Use the best IP phone system small business Austin has available
This is where you need to start. When you invest in the best IP phone system Austin has available, security is already a priority. That being said, your VOIP phone system will consist of two parts: the phone system itself and service & support. Each should be carefully considered to determine which will provide the best digital security solutions for your small business' VoIP system.

Require full authentication for all administrative and account access
While a good IP phone system will do much of the legwork for setting you up with a solid VOIP security infrastructure, you still have to take a few actions to optimize your protection. Your first step in that regard should be authentication procedures. This will make it impossible for a would-be intruder to simply access and bother your network without any effort.

Install a firewall and antimalware software
Like computers, your VOIP system can be hacked if left unprotected. To protect against this, a firewall should be your first line of defense. You should also invest in anti-malware software, in case you accidentally download something harmful.

Is your VOIP system secure enough?
There are malicious entities out there who would attack your VOIP system to commit fraud, a competitive advantage or simply to exude arbitrary malice. As such, you need to take steps to enhance your system's digital security. To learn more, contact Austin Multi-Line Services, a high quality, affordable IP phone system small business Austin service.

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The Best Phone System for Your Business

What qualities are you looking for in your small business telephone system? The way your phone system works should enhance and better your business’ communication. Teamwork is important. Easier communication between employees and faster connection to your customers is the goal. The phone system can give you tools that help everyone in the office access information. You should shop for systems that assimilate well with your cell phone or mobile device so you don’t have to decide between being chained to your office or risking missing an important call. The features new phone systems offer is the second important thing to evaluate. You will need to research what features your company will need to help it run more smoothly. Some of the features available like automatic call transferring or music on hold, can make your employees more efficient and your customers a lot happier. Another thing to evaluate is how many users your phone system is going to need to handle. If you have a business that is still growing you will want to invest in a system that can expand with your company like VoIP phone systems. Lastly you will want to choose a system that has good tech support, like a 24/7 help line, so that when issues come up with your phone system you will know that help is always available and when all else fails make sure to have a warranty. For all of your small business telephone system needs call Affordable Telephone Systems today!

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