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My iphone just fell down a flight of stairs at work, but it's ok, it was in my pocket.
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the Peregrine Falcon area contains a large pond (around 40 x 80 mtrs) near the foot of the tower in which the falcons have their nest.
since a few days the pond is inhabited by a Mute Swan family. initially with 5 cygnets, now there are 4 left …
adult Mute Swans (Knobbelzwaan; Höckerschwan; Cygne tuberculé; Cygnus olor) are very large birds with a wingspan of up to 2.5 mtrs.

as the pond edge (visible behind the swan) is too high for the cygnets to climb up on, the family has become more or less trapped there.
all efforts from people in the neighborhood to help the cygnets leave the pond have failed up till now.
there seems to be enough food for the swans but the place holds a challenge for the male (cob) as he sees his reflection in the windows (at water level !) of a building adjacent to the pond and get really wound up through that.

although people often laugh about the bird's behavior i think they don't realize this is a serious matter for the bird as it will no doubt see its reflection as an intruder in its space.
i can see the cob getting very agitated and frustrated failing to chase away his "opponent".
the cob seems to vent his frustration by sometimes flying (very) short distances, producing that typical whooshing sound Mute Swans make (Wild Swans fly soundless).
the photo shows you the male bird in the process of lifting off …

photo ©Don de la Rambelje
gear: Nikon D7200; Sigma 300-800mm f5.6; tripod
f8@340mm; 1/1600sec; ISO800; +0.7EVcomp; pattern metering
focus distance around 32 mtrs
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African Daisy 
Photographer Unknown 
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