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AetherCon Online RPG Convention
AetherCon is an online Tabletop RPG Convention taking place Nov/10-12/2017. Come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard 'round the world!
AetherCon is an online Tabletop RPG Convention taking place Nov/10-12/2017. Come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard 'round the world!


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The last of the ships have sailed into harbour and the last of the caravans have pulled into town. 14, count'em, 14 merchants have been added to the Vendors Hall - No end of boxes and barrels and not a few strange looking beasts have just arrived courtesy of the following great publishers:

Arcania Adventures -
Arcanium Syndicate -
Columbia Games -
Drop Dead Studios -
FeralGamersInc -
Hebanon Games -
Hunters Entertainment LLC -
Immersion Studios -
Paizo -
Pangolin Press -
Starry Knight Press -
Storm Bunny Studios -
Timeline LTD -
Triple Ace Games -

Come on out and be a Part of the Dice Rolls Heard 'Round the World!

#aethercon #vendorshall #dicerollsheardroundtheworld #paizo #tripleacegames #rpgcvonvention #onlineconvention

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Today we are thrilled to bring you a new wallpaper illustration – this time by Marisa Erven -, who is joining us for a second year! Marisa chose to illustrate “Saorise Scian aka Miss Direction”.... if ever there were a morality skewed professional keeping the world spinning in their own little way, it would be Miss Direction.

You can download this wallpaper and many more for your own desktop over here:

#marisaerven #cyberpunk #wallpaper #aethercon #artistsenclave

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Rollin' rollin' rollin'...We are almost there folks. In a few hours GM Registration will end and Earlybird Player Registration will begin. There's nearly 100 games to choose from this year using a wide variety of systems, many run by the folks who wrote them! Midnight EST is when the big switch gets pulled. Get in early and get in on the goodies!

Still need to get your game in? Go here:

Want to see what you can play? Go here:

This November be a part of the Dice Rolls Hear 'Round the World!

#aethercon #gmregistration #playerregistration #onlineconvention #tabletoprpgs

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It's time to introduce some of the folks that will be sliding the pints and sticking umbrellas in fancy drinks in The Wandering Toad for this year's Speed Painting Duels.

So without further ado here they are:

Kathleen Hardy - Catalyst Game Labs -
Alida Saxon - Pinnacle Entertainment Group -
Geoff Solomon-Sims - Oakbound Studio -
Jaye Sonia - Storm Bunny Studios -
Charles Wright - Frog God Games -

More will be added as we get closer to AetherCon Weekend.

#catalystgamelabs #froggodgames #stormbunnystudios #oakboundstudio #pinnacleentertainmentgroup

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Here it is folks! Your 2017 Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, Miniature Painting Tourney Groupings

Want to see how it was done? Watch it here:

Want to hang it in your window? Grab it here:

<turn on Monster Truck Rally Voice>

Can Patrick Keith's Bombshell Minis make it back to the knockout rounds after a one year absence? He'll have to deal with a tough Group B that includes Effin Cool Miniatures this time out.

And one of our two previous Champions will be going home, maybe both as Ral Partha Europe and DGS Games slug it out in Group D with the ever dangerous Scotial Grendal Productions and high regarded newcomers Avatars of War.

Don't forget CFWR vet Joe Corsaro and Dragon Bait Miniatures in Group A or Bronze Age Miniatures with sculptmeister David Sonderquist at the helm in Group C. Both have their own group battles to contend with but could be dangerous should they get to the semis.

Come on out and vote November 10-12, maybe win a bunch of metal. Be a part of the Dice Rolls Heard 'Round the World!

<turn off Monster Truck Rally voice>

#ClericFighterWizardRogue #AetherCon #MiniaturePainting #Tourney

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It's time to meet the Meeples behind the Mics.

So without further ado, here are your Fest Hall Moderators for AetherCon VI:

Katie Aidley - Punchboard Media -
Pete Bryant - -
Thomas K. Edrington - Gamebreakers
Chris Hunt - Gamer Nation -
Keith Kappel - Fantasy Flight Games -
Jessica LeBeau - The Wonders of Thedas -
Reyn LeBeau - The Wonders of Thedas -
John Reiher - Tri Tac Games -
Dustin Smith - Star City Savages -

Be sure to check back for more Fest Hall News as we get closer to AetherCon Weekend!

#PunchboardMedia #Studio187com #Gamebreakers #GamerNation #FantasyFlightGames #TheWondersofThedas #TriTacGames #StarCitySavages

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Today we have another wallpaper release for your viewing pleasure, and this time it has been provided by Colin Chan - - . Colin chose the imposing figure of “Graalek Kraguuthugaar” to illustrate for us, and what a job he did. Graalek is the sort of fellow who gets what he wants... and if he doesn't, people don't tend to wake up again. May as well just pour the large guy his milk.

And naturally you can download this wallpaper and many others for your own self over at the downloads and media page over at AetherCon:

#wallpaper #colinschan #free #orcinatavern #aethercon

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Alas the end of the Summer Roundtable Series is nigh. But at least we went out with a bang to finish the year. Available tonight at 7:00 PM Eastern will be Jason Hardy of Catalyst Game Labs (Shadowrun) sitting down with Fantasy Flight freelancer Keith Kappell. A whole lot of writerology in this one folks, well worth the listen. You'll be able to find it on our downloads and media page here:

#jasonhardy #catalystgamelabs #shadowrun #battletech #aethercon #summerroundtableseries

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Miniature painters and sculptors and...and...and...miniature painters and sculptors! The time is nigh! Today at 1:30 PM Seattle/4:30 PM New York/9:30 PM UK/6:30 AM (Thursday) in Melbourne live on YouTube we will be holding the 2017 Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, Rogue Miniature Painting Tourney Draw Show.

You can find it here:

Can 800 pound gorilla RPE return to the Finals for as third straight year? Will DGS Games go back to back? Can Year One Finalists Bombshell Minis upset the applecart in their return to the fray? Or will it be someone else we have yet to see on the podium? It all starts here!

Grab your spot now!

#aethercon #miniaturespainting #tourney #drawshow #clericfighterwizardrogue

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And so it upon us. The first raft of Publisher Run Games is here. Want to play a game GMed by the folks that wrote them? Here is your chance!

On Sept/17 grab your spot at these great tables:

Last Things Last by Arc Dream Publishing -
Jump the Slug by FeralGamersInc -
The Green Bladed Bandit and Murder at Hogshead Manor by Lynnvander Studios -
Aliens & Asteroids by Moebius Adventures -
The Red Devil and The Last Stand of the Stilletto Unit by Shades of Vengeance -
The Way o' The Fae by Starry Knight Press -
The Unloved Ones by Storm Bunny Studios -

This November, come on out and be a part of the Dice Rolls Heard 'Round the

#aethercon #deltagreen #5thedition #pathfinderrpg #OSRIC #d10 #zombiesquad
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