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Yet another batch of doctors who successfully completed a 2 day workshop on FACIAL AESTHETICS with Botulinum Toxin , Dermal Fillers & PRF For Skin & Hair Rejuvenation.. WILL BE BACK IN 2019..New Modules.. New cities... PRE BOOK before 31st Dec.2018 TO AVAIL SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR COURSES IN 2019!!! INTRODUCING 1st TIME IN INDIA!!! INJECTABLES TRAINING THE “INTERNATIONAL WAY” Now Learn & Practice on INJECTABLES on FACES that LOOK & FEEL LIKE SKIN before you Jump on to Real Patients!!! Connecting Smiles And Faces the DR.RITIKA ARORA way. WORKSHOP ON FACIAL AESTHETICS * ✨ Botox ✨ Dermal Fillers ✨ PRF for Skin & Hair Rejuvenation *2 Days Lecture & Patient’s Hands-On HIGHLIGHTS 📌What is Facial Rejuvenation 📌 Introduction to Chemical Peels, Mesotherapy ,Lasers, Threads 📌Neuromodulators - BOTOX 📌Dental and Facial Applications- Gummy Smiles, Masseters and more 📌 Dermal Fillers - Basic Science 📌Facelifts & Lip Fillers 📌 Smart Blood Derivatives & Stem Cells - PRP vs PRF 📌 Role of PRF in Hair & Skin Rejuvenation 📌How to Market Facial Aesthetics in your Practice For more details, contact +91 9619955929
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Tooth veneer cost Mumbai
Dental veneers are like thin shells made up of Porcelain.
Used to correct overlapping teeth crooked teeth, spaces between the teeth, change the colour of teeth and many more dental problems.
If you looking for dental veneers specialist in Mumbai, book your appointment today at AESTHETIC SMILES dental clinic in Bandra.
For an e consultation and to know about porcelain veneers cost Mumbai, leave a message on
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Dental Implants cost Mumbai
Are you tired of ill fitting dentures?Not able to eat with dentures?
Are looking for fixed teeth?
Dental Implants are the answer to all your questions.
Dental Implant treatment is the best fixed option for replacement of missing teeth.
To know more about Dental Implants Cost Mumbai, leave us more details of the no.of missing teeth on and vll get back you.
And if you looking for affordable dental implant treatment Mumbai, visit AESTHETIC Smiles dental clinic in Bandra.
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Zygomatic Implants Cost In India
Zygomatic implants are ideal for replacement of missing teeth in the upper jaw, when the jaw bones are insufficient.
The biggest advantage of ZYGOMATIC Implants is it avoids complicated surgeries like sinus lifts.
Cost of Zygomatic Implants is much more reasonable compare to cost in UK , US, Middle East , Australia.
To know more about zygomatic implant treatment in India, write to us on
At AESTHETIC SMILES dental clinic in Mumbai, we promote dental tourism especially for dental implant treatments. We Specialise in Zygomatic Implants , Pterygoid Implants, All on 4 dental implants and other dental Implants treatments
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Cost Of Dental Veneers In Mumbai
Dental Veneers is one of the best innovation in Cosmetic Dentistry.
Dental Veneers is ne of the most conservative treatment to correct un aesthetic smile.
With the advancement in technologies , Porcelain Veneers are the best options as their bonding to teeth is the best along with aesthetics as close to Natural Teeth.
Veneers for teeth were discovered way back in 1983 and because of the aesthetics , strength , biocompatibility, longevity and conservative approach - they are the treatment of choice for smile designing.
The average cost of Porcelain veneers in mumbai varies from Rs 10, 000 to 18, 000 per tooth.
Looking for an affordable dentist in mumbai for dental veneers treatment, visit AESTHETIC SMILES dental clinic in Mumbai.
If you more questions on types of Dental veneers treatment , leave your query on
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Root Canal Cost In Mumbai
Root canal treatment , also known as RCT is one of the most common dental treatment.
the teeth that require Root canal are the ones where the decay as reached the pulp or they are damaged due to injury.
Root canal procedure involves removing of the infected pulp and filling it with a filling material. A tooth cap is v necessary after root canal treatment.
Looking for root canal dentist in mumbai , visit AESTHETIC smiles dental clinic in bandra.
To know about average cost of root canal treatment in mumbai , leave us a message on
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Pedodontics - Children dentistry by Paediatric Dentist
Parents prefer taking their children to a Paediatrician than a normal physician for any health problems of their child.
Similarly , with more and more advancement in dentistry , parents prefer Paediatric dentist for all their children tooth problems.
At Aesthetic smiles dental clinic in mumbai, we provide a child friendly dental environment so that they can get all dental treatments easily.
Our Pedodontist provides all dental treatment like tooth fillings, root canal treatment for children (pulpectomy/pulptomy), metal and ceramic crown, preventive sealants and all other treatments.
To know about children dentistry in mumbai, leave us a message on
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Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Mumbai
Wisdom teeth also known as 3rd molars usually erupt after the age of 18 and can erupt as late as 40's. They are extra teeth have no function in the mouth.
It is not necessary that all wisdom teeth may erupt fully in the mouth. They might erupt partially or at angle damaging the adjacent teeth. Insufficient can be associated with pain or swelling.
Hence it advised to remove these wisdom teeth.
Looking for dentist in mumbai for painless wisdom tooth removal, visit AESTHETIC SMILES , an award winning dental clinic in bandra.
To know about cost of wisdom tooth extraction, leave us a message on
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Teeth Whitening Mumbai
Everyone wants to have white teeth ! You can Have them Too !!
There are various ways of teeth whitening but the most effective one is in - office teeth whitening ( Laser Teeth whitening) which can make your teeth whither and brighter ( upto 5 shades lighter ) in just 30mins.
So what you waiting for.
Book your appointment today with our teeth whitening dentist at Aesthetic smiles dental clinic in Khar.
To know about cost of teeth whitening mumbai or more information on laser teeth whitening, leave us a message on
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Dental implants are a life-changing investment for you health. Dental Implant procedure may be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. Dental implant treatment has a track record of reliable, long-term successful outcomes and is often considered “more predictable” than other treatments to replace missing teeth.
To know more on dental implants and cost of dental implants , visit our site
Looking for dental implants in mumbai, visit AESTHETIC SMILES dental clinic in Bandra. We offer all types of Dental Implant treatment like Traditional 2 stage dental implants, pterygoid Implants , Zygomatic Implants , cortical implants , Basal Implants , all on 4 dental implants , all on 6 dental implants and many more.
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