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Reviews of books that make my heart race, have a beautiful love story, and a happy ending ♥

Hey everyone !!

Welcome to my GooglePlus page!! I'm used to using Facebook mostly so bear with me while I figure things out here. 

I started this blog in 2012 when my newly-found reading addiction made me want to start writing down my thoughts about all the books that were rocking my world. 

I’m 26 years old and happily married to and very much in love with my high school sweetheart. I’m a very passionate reader who gets deeply invested in the books I read if I love them. But I’m quite picky about the books I choose to read – I like a very specific kind and I try my best to ‘vet’ my books very, very carefully before reading them.

My ideal book involves a love story that makes my heart race, then makes it stop, takes my breath away, makes me squeee out loud, makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes my heart melt, makes me swoony, makes me read for several chapters with a big silly grin on my face, has intense heart ache and then is equally intensely heart warming, makes me feel the characters’ emotions as though they were my own, keeps me up reading through the night until the sun rises, has a happy ending, and then stays with me after I’m done reading.  Now granted, not all books have all those qualities, but those are the ones I seek out… love stories that make my heart race and have happy endings.  

I hate cliffhangers and will almost always refuse to read books that have them if the sequel isn’t already out. I also am not fond of love triangle scenarios where its not clear which two characters are meant to be together – I can handle love triangles where its clear who the right couple is, but otherwise, I’m mostly not interested.

I love Alpha male heroes. I like ‘em tall, hot, strong, possessive, protective, crazy about their girl, assertive, with a soft side and a big heart, and a bit of a tortured feel to them but definitely combined with a don’t-mess-with-me aura about them.

When I find books that make me passionate about them, I tend to get very giddy and desperately want to rave about them and share them with other readers so this site is my outlet for that.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing around and please do leave me comments – I love hearing what other readers have to say, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, and I’d also love to hear any recommendations you might have for me.

Happy reading!

~ Aestas

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