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A'eron Blackman
The losing side isn't always the wrong side.
The losing side isn't always the wrong side.

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Progressive question for my progressive friends and anyone else how would like to publish an opinion.

Should there be a government prohibition on immigration from nations who have suffered a nuclear disaster discriminating against individual's who's back ground radiation is higher than that allowed on food imports?
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Max radiation limits on immigration.
Allow the radioactive to immigrate

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Ban the violent students, not the flag.

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The simple fact that people tuned in to watch shows their is hope.

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Abolish it and put Devos out of a job. It's a win win for all parties.

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I don't see how Disney could have endorsed this. If they did they deserve to go bankrupt. Sell Disney stocks now!

So I listened to the oral argument regarding the "Muslim ban" before the 9th circuit and here is my two cents.

1) The left intends to oppose and block everything that in any way effects "Muslims" because of perceived campaign rhetoric prejudice. If any law or policy can in any way at all be perceived as of prejudice (based in campaign rhetoric) towards Muslims, it will be blocked until it is proven in a court of law that it isn't.


2) Even if Trump were to rescind, and then enact another EO (as one of the three justices suggested) addressing and clarifying all the issues the left have concerns with, the left will pull the same stunt to prevent implementation until Trump proves in a court of law the EO in in no way prejudice.

That being said, Trump lost, I expect/hope the 9th will kick it back down to the District court as allowing it to go to SCOTUS as a TRO and explanation will accomplish nothing.

#muslimban #SCOTUS #9thcurcuit #trump


Top four reasons why the Fed is now unlawful.

1) When the US dropped Treasury notes from circulation forcing all citizens to trade exclusively in Federal reserve notes, a monopoly and cartel was created in violation of the Sherman and Clanton Acts.

2) When the gold and silver standard were dropped, people no longer understood that the currency was merely fiat, which is a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act.

3)When the federal reserve started loaning the government money that did not in fact exist, and the government required all citizens trade in these debtor notes under law, the freedom of people to practice religions that oppose debt was violated.

4)When SCOTUS ruled that money was free speech,
government laws mandating payment in Federal reserve notes became an abridgment of free speech and the right to remain silent and a violation of the first and fifth amendments.

#endthefed #shermanact #clantonact #federaltradecommissionact #firstamendment #fifthamendment #freespeech #freedomofreligion

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Kayaking is a right, not a privilege. The World newspaper published my letter regarding Oregon House Bills 2320 and 2321.
#2321 #2320 #kayaking #kayak #Oregon

I just saw a falcon outside, which is kind of rare. 

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#CodyScoff #Lakeside #police

Cody Scoff

Economics had a lot to do with it as the primary employer shut down operation, but police corruption was also a issue. Lakeside was literally ground zero for the meth epidemic with cases of sudafed being freely and legally moved from the grocery store loading dock to the lake and then rumored to be distributed thru the most violent bar in the county. Domestic abuse didn't require arrest at the time and I recall an incident where the abuser was taken out for a beer by police to calm down only to return later that night and abuse again. In another incident an officer was convicted of raping his daughter and served time. Eliminating the department entirely was the quickest, most economical, and legally viable to rid the town of the responsibility of corruption. Crime remained high, but the city was no longer financially responsible for the actions of law enforcement, it became a county problem.
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